Welcome to my world…

My name is Emma and I am a qualified Beauty Therapist, Make-up Artist and Teacher. I’m 26 years old and I have a passion for all things luxurious!

I adore fashion and beauty and when I start talking about them, I can usually go on and on and people seem really interested in my shopping habits and logic, hence why a blog seemed the perfect idea!

Some would say I like to live the red carpet lifestyle. It’s just a shame that my bank balance doesn’t agree. So on my blog you can expect to see anything from high street to Harrods. I usually like to mix high street outfits with a luxury accessory or shoe!

Shoes are my biggest downfall – I’m obsessed, I’d rather have a nice pair of shoes on my feet than a fancy dress, I believe that expensive, classy shoes can make most outfits look much more costly than they actually are! I feel like I can conquer the day in the right pair of shoes and they completely change the way I feel about myself and hold myself.

To me they are the epitome of femininity!

In August 2014, I created a very amateur blog as a hobby and I have enjoyed it so much that in 2016 I decided to re-launch it and make it so much better for you all and something I could be really proud of.

I love to hear from you about what you enjoy reading and general chit-chat, so please feel free to comment on any blogs and join me on social media too!

Thank you for reading and following me and I look forward to sharing all things fashion, luxury & beauty with you and I also can’t wait to take you on my travels!

Love Life,

Emma xxx