Dotty for it

Getting dotty with it… NA NA NA NA NANANA!

Now I’m working on Oxford Street, temptation is literally everywhere!

This skirt appeared in a famous window on Oxford Street and I tried to turn a blind eye. I had been really good with my spending and I knew that all it took was one purchase, one step into the flagship store that branches out over three huge floors.

Each morning I would walk past and picture the different ways of styling this beauty! Obviously by day 10 I somehow ended up at the till handing over my card?!


I firstly love the pattern on this skirt, the black polka dots have a shadow of yellow, which adds a little depth into the detail. Next I love the length and slit up the side giving you a little glimpse of cheeky leg. Now I know you may be thinking… It’s winter Emma, no one wants to see my cheeky pale, prickly legs that are not summer ready… Well that’s ok, because the current trend is all about the OTK boots!

This skirt makes the perfect pair with OTK boots this season, but then nicely transitions into summer too.

Skirt – Topshop // Boots – Carvela // Bag – ZARA // Body – Wolford

Another thing I love about this skirt is that I think it can be styled to suit various age ranges. Just after having this photo taken, mum and I went to grab a coffee. A girl approached me, I would say she was about 13, and shyly smiled at me. Her mum came over and said that she wanted to come and tell me how pretty she thought my skirt was. How sweet is that!

The skirt also come in black with white polka dots, it took a lot of self-control to put that back down and leave with just the one skirt. It is still on my wish list though! They are so versatile and on trend and a simple piece to transition through your wardrobe.

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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