I’M BAAAACK – Happy 2018!

Guys I am so sorry I have been gone for a while! If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you will know that I recently started a new job. This means that the blog took a back seat while I got into my stride.

But I am back, and just in time for the blog’s two year anniversary!

If I am being completely honest I’ve been feeling a little deflated with my blog. I just want to see more progression, but I realise that these things take time and although my following has not sky rocketed, the blog has achieved some pretty amazing things this year. I also really enjoy writing for you guys… So, here’s to 2018!


I hope you all has a fabulous Christmas and New Year. Thank goodness the first week of January is done and we can look forward to more sunlight in our days!

While I am now on a spending ban, while saving for our house, I hope that you have at least found some excellent deals in the sales – it is my favourite kind of shopping! It almost makes it guilt-free! (Below is a picture of my sale face…)

Bag – Oasis // Top – Jigsaw // Skirt – Shein // Boots – Carvela

Now that I am feeling more positive about the blog, blogging will resume as normal. You can expect a post every Sunday at 9am, hopefully while you are still snuggled up in bed!

I also went back and read my first blogs and I want to go back to that style. I want more fun and real-life as oppose to talking about outfits and trends so formally. So get ready for more diary style posts that I know went down so well.

Since I last blogged, there has been lots of outfits that I am excited to share with you and also a Christmas trip to Paris! I have also worked with my first brand, so I can’t wait to create some new content for all of you.

Hopefully you’ve kept up to date with me on my favourite platform – Instagram, which I have very almost hit 1k – About bloody time I hear you say.

So here’s to fantastic 2018, and I can’t wait to share the adventure with you!

As always,

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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