Autumn in a Dress

I made the mistake of popping into Zara on my lunch break. Not any old Zara but Zara on Oxford Street… VERY big!

My reason for popping in was to get some comfy court shoes for the office. I came out with a lot more than a pair of shoes and I had do the shameful walk back into the office. I seem to have a bit of a reputation already!

So a bag full later and this beauty is in my possession. After giving the office a showcase of the contents of my bag, this autumn dress seemed to go down best. Therefore I just had to share it with you!

Autumn in a Dress

I know I am a little late off the mark as we are now vast approaching winter. But as we have a few weeks left I think you need to go, go, go!

I have been loving this trend at the moment and I certainly don’t have enough in my wardrobe. The loose fitting dress with studded boots is ticking all the boxes for me. I’m on the hunt for a slightly longer version, so if you spot one… Hook me up!

This trend is really flattering and also very good for Christmas indulging. It is effortless chic, which I am all for!!!

So here is my problem with Zara… Their prices vary so much that I often get the WOW factor when shopping. This dress was £39.99, which I thought was pretty good for a day dress that I can get lots of wear out of.

Dress – ZARA // Boots – New Look

Zara are all over this style of dress at the moment, so if this number isn’t for you, then here are some more Zara options:

Black Beauty

Rustic Vibes

Spanish Feels

Go With The Flow

Dark Times

RIXO Inspired

Let’s all brace the chill, dare to bare the legs and gets sassy in our new dresses!

Also I just want to thank you as I have now reached 900 followers on Instagram, so close to 1k! Keep your eyes peeled because I am going to be doing a giveaway when I reach that milestone!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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