Orange you pleased

Jo Malone have a new winter scent, well I say new… Orange Bitters came out as a limited edition winter scent last Christmas. Because of it’s limited edition tag and amazing smell, this fragrance flew out the door before I could get my hands on it!

I’m so pleased it’s back!!!

Why does Limited Edition do that to people? I’m the biggest fool for a anything limited edition!

Luckily for me, the girls at Jo Malone Guildford have my back! Last year I was so gutted, once I got whiff of it, it was too late! They remembered how much I loved it and when they found out it was coming back they held one back for me.

Once I got the call it was in, I booked me and mum in for their signature hand and arm massage and treated myself to this gorgeous Christmas scent.


Jo Malone obviously knew they were on to a winner with this one. Not only have they bought it back this Christmas… They have also made a lot more of it so that people aren’t disappointed when it sells out a month before Christmas.

If you want to know what all the fuss is about, pop in store to experience the winter scent. Why not treat yourself to a hand and arm massage while your there too? Don’t have time to pop in, or just already sick of the Christmas rush in store, see if the website can sell it to you…

“A warm winter cocktail. Take two dashes of bright citrus, add sweet orange and a burst of ripe mandarin. Finish with a splash of bitter orange to reveal rich prune and a base of sensual sandalwood and amber.”

I stocked up on the 100ml (Just in case they don’t bring it back next year 😉 ), which you can buy here. They also do an online exclusive of the 30ml bottle, which seems much more affordable and a little less guilt for indulging yourself this Christmas.

This scent is light enough for everyday use and I find it lasts longest when layered with one of their body creams. I personally love it with Pomegranate Noir. I also love to spritz it all over my clothes too!

So whether you are treating yourself, or looking at treating a loved one. Pop in store to get a warm Christmas welcome at Jo Malone boutiques. Take a friend to me it that extra bit special.

You know I’m a sucker for Jo Malone, but once you get the full experience… You will soon know why!!! They really do do it well in there.

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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