Easy like Sunday Morning

Sunday’s are my favourite day for dressing.

I love the comfort and cosiness and I especially love them if you spent your Saturday well. Last night we were invited to a last minute dinner party and had such a lovely evening. This meant that Sunday consisted of a dozing late morning, a naughty breakfast, catching up on the X Factor, no make-up and my favourite… No bra!

I have just completed my first month of my new job and although I am absolutely loving it – It certainly is tiring! The commute means extra hours onto your working day and by the time you walk through the door in the evening, you’re ready for bed.

This means that I appreciate the weekends that little bit more! I love having the extra hours in bed and I especially enjoy my no make-up and bra days!


Jumper – Genevieve Sweeney // Jeans – ASOS // Boots – Dune

I have just bought these jeans from ASOS. They are by a brand called Dr. Denim and I ordered them in the shortest length to get this desired look. The jeans have a raw cut hem and are cropped to give them a vintage feel that I love.

The only downside to these jeans are that they are quite a stiff material, so size up if you are between sizes.

I have already worn these jeans so much and team them either with something super fitted… OR I go the opposite way and go with something big and loose.

Sundays are all about being loose and comfy, so I couldn’t wait to bring back out my winter jumper by talented designer Genevieve Sweeney.

I spent this particular Sunday going out for coffee and strolling around bookshops. As the commute is long I’m enjoying reading on the way to work. I’m currently completely obsessed with “The Girlfriend“, a physiological thriller. I’m getting to the end and once I start I will my journey to be longer so that I can get onto the next chapter, I highly recommend it.

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend and hope your weekend styling has been just as fabulous!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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