Button Up

Firstly, WOW am I pale here. These pictures were taken by lovely Zoe before I went on holiday and it’s not until I’m looking at these now that I realise just how pale and in need of a holiday I was!

This summer I lived in my pinafore denim. It’s so easy and ticks all the boxes. You may be thinking, Emma, why are you talking about summer when we are fast approaching winter… Sorry guys, but we are nearly in October!

Well, the reason is because this item is so versatile!


I love an item that can change with different ways in which you wear it. This one can be worn super casual or fairly smart. When worn with a nice blouse underneath and some on trend slingbacks, this outfit changes instantly. Or if worn like this, is simple and easy. In fact, I loved it so much that I wore it to fly in, which means something for comfort. The only downside was that I lit up like a Christmas tree when I went through the security machine!

Now it’s getting cooler in the UK, this pinafore can still be worn. I layer a cashmere jumper underneath and some black tights, or OTK boots and I’m still warm in Autumn. My playsuit from Club Monaco is a very similar story with the transitioning.

When purchasing a new item I like to think how much wear I will get. If you know me, or follow me on social media, you will know that I don’t like to re-wear outfits. I don’t know why and I have no reasonable explanation but I just don’t like to be seem wearing the same thing. So with items like this denim one, it ticks all the boxes because I can wear it to death but keep it looking different. Turtlenecks, jumpers, blouses, t-shirts, shirts… They all work and they all give the pinafore a different twist.

Pinafore – Urban Outfitters // Top – Club Monaco // Shoes – All Saints // Bag – FolliFollie // Necklace – Alex Monroe

This outfit is perfect for weekends roaming the streets and markets of London and to me, is a wardrobe essential. Denim is a sure thing when it comes to fashion and when you can adapt it to suit your moods (or the British weather) it’s perfect.

My favourite thing about this dress is the buttons. I’m obsessed with buttons at the moment and I think that this makes this particular pinafore special. I have recently looked at a few others similar and I think that without them, it looks a little plain and actually old-fashioned.

I also have a very short body, and so I love that I can adjust it to suit me!

Love Life,

Emma xxx



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