L’Oréal X Balmain

I haven’t bought a new lippie for ages and the truth is… That’s because I feel like I have all the shades I love. I have my nudes, autumnal shades, classic red and summery corals. I never find myself reaching for a colour that I don’t have.

However, when L’Oréal announced that they were doing a limited edition collaboration with Balmain… Well I just had to have one!


L’Oréal have there famous colour riche collection that they boast sells every three seconds around the world. Pretty impressive, I think this is because they have managed to provide a great product at an affordable price.

The Balmain collection has focused on Olivier’s three tribes of women, four shades in each tribe. Olivier wants to empower women and celebrate diversity, saying that there is a shade for everyone.


“The Glamazon offerings look to our runways’ love of strong women warriors – our Balmain Army, of course – as well as themes of adventure and safari, which have inspired so many of my collections.

The tones come from the earth, recalling the intensity and beauty of the Amazon jungle, the never-ending desert, the spectacular rocks of the American West.”


“The Couture selection celebrates Balmain’s historic couture origins and the glamour that has been associated with this house ever since M. Balmain first opened his atelier.

As modern as today’s silhouette may be, my team and I never forget our roots and always rely on our incredible archives for inspiration.”


“Anyone who knows me knows I can’t separate music from fashion.

These four shades reflect themes that have been important both in recent shows and in my life (and what really makes music inspiring for me) – breaking rules, rebelling and always remaining true to yourself.”

I went into Harvey Nichols one evening after work. They sell the shades online but I wanted to see them and test them on my skin tone. I’m glad that I did because I went with the Confident shade in mind but I actually really didn’t like that on me because it is very sheer. The shade confession caught my eye and the minute I put it on my hand, I fell in love!

I thought I had every shade I could possibly want, but this is unlike my others. It’s so nice that I have already worn it three times and if you know me, you’ll know this is unheard of in such a short amount of time because I like to mix my shades up.

My tan has not yet vanished and confession just compliments it perfectly. Another shade also caught my eye, from the Glamazon collection. This shade is a more matte pink/nude tone and it’s called Urban Safari. It’s a more edgy shade and I liked again how it looked against my skin.

If you are planning a trip to London in the near future, then I would recommend popping in and treating yourself. The shades are a very reasonable £12.99 and the packaging is designed exclusively for the collection.

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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