Adios, Spain


The final week of the holiday has come. We really made the most of it, so this one has a lot more things to do while in Spain than the last one!


My partner Ed left first thing this morning. I was a good girlfriend and got up early to say goodbye, getting in the brownie points! This meant I had a lot of time on my hands before the rest of the house awoke.

After pottering around and doing some exercise it was time to get showered and ready for the day. Bradley, my cousin wanted to pay a visit to Nikki Beach. If you know me, then you will know that Nikki Beach is perhaps not my usual scene. I’m a true granny at heart and wearing next to nothing while spraying a £400 bottle of champagne around is not “typical Emma”.

You know I have an outfit for the occasion though 😉

Nikki Beach

We decided against the 300€ beds and took our chances around the bar. Drinks are rather pricey, if you want a bottle then you are looking at hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds. A 6L bottle of Cristal will set you back 26,000€.

Ages really ranged, I was expecting it to be a young vibe but it was actually a good mix. I even saw a few families! There was lots of almost naked ladies and there were the classic ‘lads’ showing off. I would say that on the whole, the vibe was quite flash and although I like my expensive things… I’d like to hope I’m not classed as flash. I can’t stand flashy guys that are showing off their money and acting like nobs.

We originally sat on a sofa at the bar, before we were told that we needed to buy at least one bottle if we wanted the privilege of sitting down… So instead we headed to their restaurant for lunch and cocktails. We figured that actually worked out cheaper!

We were told we only had an hour as we hadn’t reserved a table, so keep this in mind if you want to visit. The waitress we had was very attentive and friendly and actually didn’t make us feel rushed at all.

As you would expect, the menu was quite pricey but not extortionate. We each had a main and a cocktail and it came to 37,50€ per head. The food was incredible though and it was all presented beautifully. I went for the Nikki Beach Wrap and it was one of the best wraps I’ve eaten!

People wore all sorts of outfits and they didn’t seem snooty about what you wore. You could literally be as casual or dressed up as you liked.

Prado Halcones

In the evening we went for dinner at Prado Halcones, a restaurant in Benhavis. We visited this restaurant on our last visit and the food was so good that we decided to take everyone else.

They do a set menu of three courses for just 19,50€ and the food is excellent. I went for the Pil Pil Prawns to start and then exactly the same as last time I visited. Duck for my main and Chocolate Fondant for pudding, and I ate every single crumb!


Monday was very overcast and rainy, so we decided to go and explore the town in Benhavís. Due to the wet start, most places sadly seems to be closed. My mum is a big fan of a gin bar there but we think because of the rain, they had decided not to open. How crazy is that, we would never work if that were the case in England!

In the end we came across a true Spanish restaurant. It was a real local place and we were the only English in there. I’m so glad we found it because I love experiencing a real local place to eat.

The restaurant was called Villa Josefa and it had the most inviting entrance.

You can eat under greenery or you can sit inside, where you will find interior that you may find at great grandma’s house.

The staff don’t speak much English and can be quite abrupt. It’s family run so I think they have the outlook of, come and eat if you like it… or don’t! Don’t let this put you off because the home cooked food is really good.

We went for tapas and shared between us. The Pil Pil Prawns were out of this world and they did chicken balls like I’ve never tasted before. They are also very generous, all the portion sizes were massive and left us all feeling very full and satisfied.

After lunch we strolled the streets of Benahavis for a little longer and then headed back home.

Everyone wanted to go for dinner in the evening but my friend Jess and I decided to stay home and have a BBQ. It was super chilled and meant we were ready for our early morning workout the following day!



Tuesday called for a day at the beach. Mistrel Beach is not far from our home in Benahavis and somewhere that I’ve wanted to visit. The day started quite overcast so we weren’t sure how long we’d be there for, but after 30minutes or so the sun decided to make an appearance.

The beach and the sun meant that it was time to break out my fancy swimsuit. I’d been waiting for the right occasion and today was the day. I wrote a blog about this swimsuit when I first made the purchase and I have to tell you that it is worth every penny.

The material is fantastic quality, the details are beautiful and the shape is excellent. I do no have one fault with this swimsuit, if you are thinking of getting it… Then get it! (I’ll leave the link at the end of the blog)

It is an expensive swimsuit and is the most I have ever spent on swimwear, but it received so many compliments from all different age ranges and had me strutting around the beach like nobody’s business.

Under the boobs it has a small rubber lining that keeps those bad boys in position. The zip also means that you can be as conservative or alluring as you wish.


I’m sorry that I have about a million shots of this swimsuit but so many of you have asked about it and I got excited. Jess was also my photographer for the day and got very excited with the backdrop and had me in all sorts of poses on the beach! I teamed the look with a casual but chic beach vibe. A classic white shirt – of course and some cool denim shorts.



Tonight was my aunty and cousins final night and so they wanted to treat my parents to a very nice dinner. They picked out the most beautiful restaurant called 1870 in San Pedro. It is known for being very luxurious and the place to eat.

On arrival we were greeted by a valet driver who parked our car. The venue was absolutely stunning and we were seated outside in the most beautiful courtyard.

From start to finish this place was excellent. The wine was incredible and the food divine. When looking at the food on the whole, it was probably the best I’ve ever had. After ordering the wine, they brought out a choice of breads with oil and some prawn appetisers – which were delicious.

I skipped the starter and went for the aged sirloin steak for main. THIS WAS PERFECT! I can’t recommend this dish enough, the steak melted in my mouth and the potato terrine was out of this world.

Brownie was on the desert menu and although I said I wasn’t going to order desert, once I saw this… I couldn’t resist. It came with what chocolate sauce and again was incredible. I’ve run out of any other words to describe this meal, but please just promise me you’ll visit! You will not be disappointed.

Very generously, my cousin needed up paying for us all as a thank you. It was extremely kind and made the evening that little bit more special. What an evening!


The sun finally came out for my family as it seemed to have made a disappearance during their visit. Half of them wanted to visit Ronda and the other half wanted to make the most of pool time.

They were leaving at 2pm and so I spent the morning lounging around the pool with them, welcoming the sunshine.

After their departure there was now just four. My parents, me and my friend and we are planning on chilling for the final days!


Chilling we did… perhaps a little too much as I seem to have developed heat rash for the first time in my life!

In the evening mum made us a big paella, which was absolutely delicious. We also have a new game called bananagrams, which is a boardless version of scrabble.

My friend bought champagne to celebrate one of our final evenings and it was just a really lovely evening.


We got up early and went to a morning hike to the supermarket instead of a normal workout. The supermaket isn’t too far but it involves some serious hills, so I definitely managed to sweat out some holiday fat!

I then piled back on all those calories and more by devouring the pastries we had just bought. They were freshly made and tasted incredible.

After a day by the pool / playing bananagrams we got ready for the evening.

We took a trip to Old Town Marbella for a leisurely evening roam and also some Spanish cuisine. In the end we ate at a restaurant just off Orange Square called  Medium Rare Steakhouse. We obviously had to have Pil Pil Prawns as it was the final evening and then Jess and I shared some Paella.

The food was really good but the jug of sangria was better! It was a really warm evening and this little restaurant had a lovely breeze for the entire evening, so I recommend for those menopausal women 😉


Home time! Three weeks has just flown by and it is finally time to get back to reality. We aren’t heading home until late evening, so today is about catching the final rays and packing up our things.

I love planning my travel outfits and want maximum comfort and chic-ness where possible. My Calvins are essential for the flight and this shirt is just my favourite thing ever!

We have had such a great time away, the longest holiday of my life… I think I’ll be retired next time I have a three week holiday!

Hope you enjoyed coming on the journey with me… Now to start planning the next one!


Sunday – Beach Dress – Free People // Swimsuit – ASOS

Monday – Dress – New Look // Hat – H&M // Bag – FolliFollie // Shoes – Palmaira

Tuesday – (Daytime) Swimsuit – Heidi Klein // Shirt -Topshop // Shorts – ASOS // Sunglasses – Ray-Ban (Evening) Dress – MAJE // Shoes – Steve Madden

Wednesday – N/A

Thursday – Top – Camilla & Marc // Skirt – Cameo // Shoes – Steve Madden

Friday – Skirt – Oliver Bonas // TopWolford

Saturday – Shirt – Urban Outfitters // Jeans – Massimo Dutti // Shoes – Tod’s

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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