COS I can…

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you the skirt of style and comfort – yes, it exists!

This outfit is by far my favourite outfit of the moment. It can take you from work to drinks in an instant and oozes style.

You may recognise this skirt from my previous travel blog, but I didn’t talk about it at all. I just put in the pictures from our dinner date… And this skirt needs to be talked about.


This skirt isn’t my usual purchase. I actually picked it up because I thought my partner, Ed would love this on me. Us girls do like that you know!

I wasn’t meant to be spending money but I accidentally fell into COS. This happens to me quite a lot, as you may know if you follow my blog. I wandered round picking up things and then controlling myself and putting them back down. I felt so proud of myself as I approached the exit empty handed. Then I spotted this skirt hanging right by the door. Perhaps I could reward myself for getting this far?

I knew Ed would love it and I knew I could style it while away for a date night. This skirt did not disappoint and although Ed would have definitely preferred me not buying a new skirt, he did love it.

I felt so elegant and effortlessly put together in this outfit.

On the website the model has been styled super casual with this skirt, so it shows how versatile it can be. I will no doubt be wearing this skirt to the office with Stan Smiths.

The elastic waistband makes the skirt really comfortable and perfect for travelling or working.


Do you have a classic white skirt in your wardrobe?

If the answer is no, then you need to invest. A white shirt is a wardrobe staple and a must have. I’m going to do a whole blog on this very soon and link some great ones, but for now… Just know that you need one!

This shirt is nice and light, so perfect for wanting to look a little smarter on holidays.

When I love a look and feel very chic, there is only one pair of shoes I turn to. These Manolo’s just complete the desired look for me. The point elongates the leg where the longer skirt could potentially cut off and they are walkable. I wouldn’t say these heel are the most comfortable but they could certainly manage the 15 minute walk to the restaurant on bastard cobbles!

Skirt – COS // Shirt – Urban Outifitters // Shoes – Manolo Blahnik

If you love this skirt as much as me, it is under £60 and COS currently have all sizes available, so act quick!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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