New Arrivals, Spain


I’m afraid week two has been another lazy one… I promise the third week will be more interesting! (WOW – Really selling this blog to you!) I just want to quickly thank you for the love my last travel blog got. It got more hits than any other blog and that blows my mind!


Sunday went quite slowly, lazing around the by the pool and pigging out. We decided to get dressed up in the evening and go to one of our favourite restaurants. The first time we visited Spain we went to a restaurant in San Pedro. The restaurant was called La Bodega Del Cantinero and we love the atmosphere there, so wanted to go again.

I recommend going there on Friday’s because they have live music. Last time we went they were playing instruments and dancing around the restaurant… This time it was a little more mellow. They still had the incredible cheesecake though.

If you didn’t catch my blog on this restaurant, then you won’t know about the amazing cheesecake. They put on a show with this cheesecake, and if you ever visit – you must order cheesecake. They bring over the massive slab of cheesecake, then they heat up the coulis in a ladle. Then they pour over alcohol and set fire to it, it’s beautiful!

In my previous Spain blog we went out for dinner in Puerto Banus. In Puerto Banus people dress up. People really dress up and pretty much anything goes… In San Pedro this is not the case. I like to dress up regardless, but if you don’t want to get looked at oddly, then don’t wear heels! The cobbles are also a bitch!


I braved the gorge run this morning! Boy, was it sweaty! It takes Ed 20 minutes to run the entire route but it would take me more like 40, so I run for 10 minutes one way and then after 10 minutes I run back. (This is turning into a little addiction now because I like to get a little further each time.)

We had a casual evening in together with the BBQ sizzling and me staying in my casual attire. This was actually my favourite evening of the week. We spent the evening swinging slowly on the hammock watching the stars!


Tomorrow my mum was arriving, so this was Ed and I’s last day just the two of us.

I had to get my Wednesday blog post written though, so I did have to go off and be boring for an hour or so!

My Wednesday blog post was about the swimsuit you need in your life. So Tuesday involved a lot of strutting around in swimsuits, posing for cringe photo’s – sorry about that!

In the evening we made rum cocktails and danced about like goofs until early hours of the morning!



This meant lots of cleaning and organising was done before her evening arrival. Ed has become chief of the sweeping out here and I learnt how to use and hoover and duster! Spritzing every inch of the house in Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin.

We collected a very merry mother from the airport after dinner and then spent the evening catching up and preparing for more new arrivals!


Mum being a new arrival meant that I also got my new purchases. I had done a few small orders while being away and she had kindly packed them for me. First was this 80’s style bikini, once again with the high scoop leg – a trend that I’ve fallen completely in love with.

This bikini is ASOS and is great value for money. The bottoms are one size fits all and I got the top in a size 10. One thing I would say is that they have the tightest most un-elastic elastic arms. Like, so tight it cuts off the circulation if worn for longer than a few hours! This is obviously not ideal and ruins the bikini for me!

How do you feel about my new tip-toe stance – so natural!

My next purchase was my bargain sale dress. I shared this on social media ASAP because I knew it wouldn’t be around for long. Khaki seems to be the colour of the moment, so when New Look put this dress in the sale, I absolutely had to snap it up.

I love this dress so much that I am now ordering it in black. It is so loose and comfortable and I love how it is so effortlessly chic.

Partnered with this straw hat and some sandals, you are ready to go exploring! I just need a basket bag now 😉 

I’ve become slightly obsessed with button down anything at the moment. So this just ticks all the boxes.



More new arrivals are here today. My best friend flew out with my dad for the final week. We went for our usual morning run and then got brunch ready for their arrival.

It’s so weird when new people arrive and I feel like I’ve been here for months. Everything is all new and exciting for them but I’m now fully in my relaxing stride.

A young girl that lives in one of the villas next to us brought her flamingo and swan to the pool. You know me, I can’t resist an Instagram opportunity… Or a boomerang!

After frolicking about it was time to get ready for dinner. We were heading to a restaurant on the sea front called La Kala and the venue was stunning!

My parents love to watch a singer called Lucy Faye and she was singing there that evening. So off we went to try the new seafood restaurant.

The food was incredible but there was a lot of it! To start with we shared oysters, prawns, clam shells and burrata. Everything was so nicely done and all looked good enough to eat (that’s lucky)!

The restaurant changes its menu everyday depending on what the fishermen catch. This evening they had caught Turbot and Cod which they said was big enough for three.

THREE… It could have fed the 5,000! It was  delicious though and I highly recommend the restaurant. Go on Friday if you want live music from Lucy because it creates such a beautiful ambiance.



Today is Ed’s last day, he flies home in the morning. We also have my auntie and cousins coming in the evening!

In the day we did everything Ed wanted to do, except canyoning, because I’m a pussy!

We had to stay in for the evening to greet our new guests, so everyone was pretty casual for our BBQ dinner. I dressed up though because it was Ed’s last evening and so I wanted to make the effort. I also love any excuse to dress up!

I’ve been dying to wear this Karen Millen dress since I picked it up in the sale. It was bloody hard to get hold of but after tracking it down in Bournemouth, I finally have it in my white dress collection.

This dress is so flattering on and it got a lot of compliments. I teamed it with my new Sarah Jessica Parker heels and felt every inch the lady.

When the new arrivals get here things are going to get merry, so cheers to that and I’ll see you in the next one!


Sunday – Shirt – Urban Outfitters // Skirt – COS // Shoes – Manolo Blahnik

Monday – T-Shirt – REISS // Shorts – ASOS // Shoes – M&S

Tuesday – Swimsuit – ASOS

Wednesday – Shoes – Steve Madden

Thursday – Bikini Top – ASOS // Bikini Bottoms – ASOS // Dress – New Look // Shoes – Palmaira

Friday – Swimsuit – Accessorize (NOW £8)

Saturday – Dress – Karen Millen // Shoes – SJP

Love Life,

Emma xxx



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