The Most Flattering Swimsuit

Boy have I got a swimsuit for you…

Both flattering and affordable, you’re going to want to keep ready this one ladies. So it turns out that the 80’s had it so right when it came to swimwear.

In recent years I have become a real fan on swimsuits rather than bikini’s. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love a bikini but a few years ago I wouldn’t have even considered the prospect of a swimsuit… Now I’m a little obsessed!

ASOS do a their own range of:


I have quite long legs, so I thought why not give them a go and emphasise part of my body I’m more confident with.

Holy Maloney, these swimsuits are fabulous! The minute I put the black one on, I felt like all my time at the gym at paid off. I soon realised that bikini’s did not make me feel this way!

The high scoop front elongates your legs and instantly slims them down. It also disguises part of your hips, making your waist appear smaller. One body shape this probably wouldn’t suit is people that hate their hips, because it does emphasis them, making everything else look slimmer… HOURGLASS!

ASOS sell these in a few different colours, I went for the classic black and white. They come in twin packs, hence why I got two – Just wait until you hear the price.


OK, so while the black makes me feel a million dollars and the white makes me feel brown… I would actually recommend not buying the black and white combo. The white has gone slightly off colour around the edges, I think that could be down to the suncream I’m using but it’s made me aware of how high maintenance white is in swimwear. The black I fully support, so I suggest the black and red combo, if you’re brave enough. Then you can feel totally Pamela Anderson.

So these bad boys cost £28!!!!!!! That’s TWO swimsuits for under £30. I mean, you can’t go wrong… Well unless you hate your hips that is.

I purchased mine in a size 8 but I would say a 10 would probably be better. The white one feels especially tight and unless you like the feel of swimsuit in your arse crack, I wouldn’t recommend sizing smaller. I’m generally an 8-10, so if you are in between sizes then size up.

I would say that the main reason we choose bikini’s over swimsuits is because we want to get as much tanned areas as possible. Not because we all feel better in a bikini, but this one doesn’t really give you that dilemma. Other than keeping your tummy covered, everything else is bikini like. We expose a lot more leg with the high rise and also a lot more cheek ;). The back is low cut, so most of it is exposed and it also has a scoop neckline.

The material is 100% polyester (what did you expect from a £14 swimsuit) but feels very comfortable on and dries reasonably quickly.


Instagram is always a great indicator to me of what my readers like. This swimsuit went down such a treat, that I had to tell you about it. I would never normally post an over the top image in swimwear, but this made me confident enough to – Sorry not Sorry!

People commented on my figure in such a chivvy way and my friends were watsapping me telling me how great I looked. Now what girl wouldn’t love that?!

So woman to women, I’m sharing the love and I hope you rock it! It doesn’t matter what your shape is, if something makes you feel confident and good about yourself, bloody well do it!

You can thank me later…

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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