Taking it Easy, Spain

I can’t believe I’m writing this one week into my holiday in Spain! The time has flown by and before you know it, my longest ever holiday will be over.

Well that’s a nice cheery start Emma!


Our first week in Spain has been an extremely relaxing one. I’m here with my partner Ed and we are very different when it comes to “holiday-ing”. Ed is an action man, he wants to be doing something at all times and gets ants in his pants sitting by the pool. While I do like to explore and see new things too, I also know how to just sit by a pool and get stuck into a good book.

I’m here for three weeks (two with Ed and one with my friend and parents). Therefore, I am in no rush to be doing things all the time!

We arrived in Spain on Saturday 12th August. We are staying at my Parents house, and so Saturday evening consisted of filling the fridge with food, getting everything out on the terrace, cooking up a feast for dinner and perhaps a late night dip – well it would be rude not to.

Sunday 13th August

Today was about unwinding. It was Sunday as we were chilling. Nothing too interesting happened other than Ed being the best cook and snoozing and eating seemed to be the only thing on the agenda for me! Oh, I did exercise though!

Monday 14th August

After our morning workouts, we showered and headed to Ronda. You may remember me mentioning Ronda is my last Spanish blog, but this time we did so much more. Ronda was full of life and heaving with tourists. I wanted to be a tourist for the day, so we decided to pay the €7 entry fee for the famous bull ring. Last time we visited, we just posed with the giant bull statue outside, this time I wanted to soak in the history.

The bull ring was huge and they’d done a great job of keeping it looking historic. Underneath all the seating was a museum, where you could see all the outfits and saddlery. I actually really enjoyed looking at the clothing, so much effort and detail going into each item. They were also tiny!

After our exploring we headed for lunch. We were starving and hot and so instead of looking around to see where was best… We just took a seat at the nearest table.

It turns out we had taken a seat at a very fancy restaurant, Casa Ortega and everything was rather pricey. We decided to go with starters and I’m glad we did… They were massive and very fancy! The food was absolutely delicious and the service was excellent.

Also, the water bottle was so fancy, that I’ve kept it to use as a vase – don’t worry, it’s glass not plastic!

After filling our tummies, we strolled about Ronda, visiting the local boutiques and looking over Ronda bridge at the amazing views.

Tuesday 15th August

After my usual morning exercise and a late start, we decided that today was going to be another slow paced day. We had breakfast at about 11am and so we decided to potter around the house and top up the tan. I was just floating around on my lilo when Ed broke it to me that he wanted to do an evening walk around the gorge. This was a nice idea, but it was still 30°C and I wasn’t sure it was exactly what I wanted to do with my evening. Ed had managed to do a day by the pool though, so I thought it was only fair.

Off we went on our 3 mile hike…  up hill, down hill, crossing narrow bridges and having endless wildlife scare you shitless! Oh yes, this was a very Edward-like trip out!

The walk was actually quite pleasant when the shade turned up. We saw loads of tiny frogs, they all plopped into the stream one by one as we wandered alongside it. To end the walk was a delightful hill climb. I was very sweaty at this point… and needed a cold glass of wine!

Wednesday 16th August

I was having a day off from exercise and so this meant that our day could start much earlier. We decided to head to a beach and Ed had done some research to find the best one. I mean, we are in Marbella… not Tobago, so the beaches were nothing in comparison, but still, we thought we’d try.

Ed decided on ‘Playa Real de Zaragoza’ –

“Playa Real de Zaragoza is without a doubt one of the Marbella’s best beaches. In many people’s eyes, the best.

Situated 13kms from the centre of Marbella. It is also one of the largest beaches in the area.

Real de Zaragoza is large enough and far enough from the centre to ensure that even in the height of summer you’ll find a quiet part of the beach to yourself.

As we ventured closer to Marbella, the sun seemed to disappear into the cloud. Something we hadn’t yet experienced in Benahavís. We thought it would pass… but sadly the cloud seemed to hang around.

The beach was nice, lots of space to have your own little area. The sand was fine and golden and the sea was calm. Unfortunately we didn’t go in the sea due to the colder weather. It got to 1:30pm, we checked the weather and saw that the sun was still shining brightly in Benahavís, so we headed back… After tasting some pastry delicacies being served on the beach that is.

Back at home, basking in the sunshine… This swimsuit has had a lot of attention and I’m dedicating a blog especially to it… So keep your eyes peeled as to why I love this so much. If you can’t wait, here’s a link to buy it now.

Thursday 17th August

I’d managed to go the entire holiday without make-up. While this was lovely, for me, putting on a bit of make-up makes me feel like I want to make more effort with everything else. It’s amazing what a touch of make-up can do for your mentality.

After a day in the sun I got myself dolled up and put on my new dress. Ed’s always banging on about how he likes me with no make-up, but even his response to the effort was a positive one!

This dress is from ASOS and it was very reasonably priced. I posted it on Instagram and loads of you loved it! It did however break that evening, so not ideal. I was sitting down and as I stood up, the strap just pinged off, freeing the nipple!

I contacted ASOS the next day and they responded immediately and said they would send out a replacement.

I’ve had these shoes for ages, they were incredibly hard to get hold of and you know I love a challenge. I was going to call them Aquazurra dupes, but dupes are usually a cheap alternative and these weren’t exactly cheap. However, if you compare them to the Aquazurra Wild Thing Sandals, they were!

I managed to get hold of the Steve Madden Sassey heels on Revolve. They sold out but when I contacted the team, they said they would keep a pair back if any came back in, lucky for me, they did. Anyway, I digress – After wanting them so badly, I haven’t actually worn them an awful lot… In fact, once! So I packed them to get some wear. I’d forgotten how much I loved them and how perfect they are for holidays.

Friday 18th August

Morning workout complete, time to head to Old Town Marbella. This is my favourite place to visit when I’m here.

It has that friendly town feel and Orange Square is just stunning. We ambled along the windy alleys and through the cobbled streets. Finally landing in Orange Square, something that can easily be spotted by all the orange umbrella’s as well as the gorgeous smell of the orange trees.

Restaurants scattered all around the square, we went to our usual spot with the friendly waiters. Cafeteria Bar Bodega Blanca does the most amazing Pil Pil Prawns, a favourite of ours when we visit. They also do great sangria!

We continued our exploring of the town, looking at the local boutiques that were on every corner and turn you took. Ending our trip with a walk down to the beach and through the pretty gardens.

By the time we got back home, we were sticky and in need of refreshing. We jumped straight into the pool and stayed there until about 7pm.

No one tends to eat much earlier than 9pm here because the sun doesn’t set until then. So we have become quite accustomed to late dinners out here.

We went to Puerto Banus for dinner. Puerto Banus is full of fast cars and designer shops, all which are still open at 9pm when you go for dinner.

Picasso is an Italian restaurant there that always has a big queue and is meant to be incredible. We didn’t fancy the queue though and had 10% off another Italian restaurant called Piccolo Amore. It’s right opposite Hermes, so I sat there dreaming about one day owning a Hermes handbag…

Food was tasty and reasonably priced and it had a good atmosphere.

Saturday 19th August

We woke early and got stuff done today. Rewarding ourselves by chilling by the pool and I managed to finish off my book ‘Secrets of Happiness’. It had your standard happy ending storyline but I was hooked reading chapter after chapter to find out what was going to happen next.

The football was on in the afternoon, so I got some time to sit and write this. We’ve been to the supermarket and bought some beastly meat for tonights BBQ.

I’m sitting here with the biggest decision of my day being… What will I wear this evening? I’ll post a picture below… A future picture as I’m writing this, but what will be a past picture for you guys reading this – Crazy!


Monday – Old everything: Skirt – Next // Top – Topshop // Flip Flops – Liberty of London

Tuesday – T-Shirt – Vintage Levi’s (similar)// Shorts – ASOS (similar)// Trainers – NIKE

Wednesday – Headband – ZARA // Cover-Up – ZARA // Swimsuit – ASOS

Thursday – Dress – ASOS // Sandal Heels – Steve Madden

Friday – (Daytime) Dress – MOSS // Bag – FolliFollie // Sandals – Marks & Spencer (Evening) Dress– Karen Millen // Shoes – TOD’s // Necklace – Alex Monroe

Saturday – Top – Topshop // Skirt – Cameo

Anyway, just two weeks left in Spain 😉

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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