Those Trousers

Let’s talk about those trousers…

Anthropologie is one on my favourite shops. I love everything about it and I think it is just about the only shop on the High Street that I could buy me anything from, and I  guarantee I would love it.

I’d had my eye on these trousers for a couple of months. I first spotted them when bridesmaid dress shopping – so hardly the time to start shopping for myself! I did point them out to the girls though and everyone loved them. Agreeing that perhaps more Emma though, due to the colour and style. I think what they meant by this was they don’t fit into your easy, plain clothing category. They were fashion, they were chic and I loved them.

They sold out online due to me hesitating for pay day, and so I managed to reserve a pair in my size on Regent Street. This actually worked out perfectly because I had been given a Regent Street discount card!

I shot in one evening after work and tried on the size small trousers. Small is what had been suggested for a UK 8-10 online. I absolutely adored them and ignored the fact they were over £100 and weren’t your standard trousers. What I mean by this is… Generally I wouldn’t spend over £100 on a fashion trend, these trousers would probably not be in fashion for year to come, and so unless I wear them A LOT, they weren’t to be an investment.

These trousers made me feel really… “In Fashion” and I couldn’t wait to wear them the next day for work.


These trousers are made by a brand called J.O.A. Short for Just One Answer. They are very reasonably priced and I think Anthropologie may have hoiked up the price… Well because they can.

I found an almost identical pair on their website but in a brown colour, in the sale for just $54.00. That being said, I did not pay $54, I paid £118.00 and so I don’t expect the button to have fallen off before even putting them on… and then one of the hooks to come loose half way through my working day.

The stitching on the hooks looked very loose and so that must have been the case with the button too! I couldnt believe that this pair of trousers. The same pair I’d been lusting over for months, were now falling apart in just one wear!

(If you look carefully here, you can see the loose hook)

Now don’t get me wrong, I love these trousers. And the buttons are fixable, hence why I’m not returning these trousers. BUT it’s just not something I would have expected from a brand such as Anthropologie. They are on a pedestal in my mind and I think the brand they have created is incredible… But this hasn’t (for the first time) been a good experience.


Now what I will say is that I havent yet contacted Anthropogie, I didn’t have time to pop in after work despite having the trousers and receipt with me, and I am now on holiday. So I’m sure they would deal with the well, I just wanted to write about my experience with this product and not the company.

As I mentioned, I love these trousers – but they do have their faults.

Those trousers… Just prove to me that it is not always about the price tag.

Love Life,

Emma xxx




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