Shoe Got to be Kidding me!

One of the many perks of working in London is being able to pop out on your lunch breaks and after work and being fully immersed in London life.


A friend of mine is a budding photographer and needed a hand with a shoot. He needed to shoot some shoe pictures in London… Obviously, I can help with that!

Liam had limited time and so it was handy being so local!

We discussed shoe options and decided something a little different from the norm would be ideal. Cue Camilla Elphick… You’ve seen these shoes on my blog before and if you haven’t, you can catch up here.

I love how British they are and thought that if you are trying to capture shoes in London, no others do it better than these.


We agreed to meet on the busy Oxford Street. We had black cabs in the background, the hustle and bustle in the atmosphere and the iconic red buses passing so closely that their wing mirrors nearly knock  your head off.

Anyway, I’m just keeping it short & sweet today as I wanted to share the talented Liam’s photography and give you a little insight into my world this week.

(Liam’s Edit)

Go and follow Liam’s Instagram account – @LJLDN_

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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