A New Look for Me

I’ve added some new pieces to my wardrobe from a brand that I haven’t shopped with for quite some time. As many of you may be aware, I have recently started an Internship… This internship has made me a little more cautious with my funds.


New Look is a brand that I often wore when I was at school and so I think I just associated it with this. More recently I have bought the odd thing from there that I ‘ve seen on bloggers or Instagram, but I would never think of just popping in unless I had an item in mind.

New Look is absolutely fantastic value for money. You perhaps aren’t going to get the quality that you get from Karen Millen etc. but that’s reflected in the price. And actually the last few pieces of clothing that I’ve spent more on have been a disappointment. New Look means that you can shop new trends without worrying if they will still be on trend next season.

It also allows me to buy things out of my usual comfort zone. If you don’t have much wear out of it… It isn’t the end of the world. My mum actually purchased this for me, so that I had something new to wear for work. My last job meant that I was in uniform all the time, and the prospect of wearing my own clothes is amazing!

I don’t think I would have ever picked up this item, but I’m glad my mum did. The colour seemed to really compliment my skin tone and I liked all the detail. You’ve heard that saying “just wear jeans and a nice top”, well I am terrible at buying ‘nice tops’. Give me jeans and a nice pair of shoes any day! This top has quite a lot going on but because of it’s colour, it really works.

I have done a big New Look shop, so keep your eyes peeled for more items that are much more affordable than what you are use to over on my blog.


The British weather has once again changed. We have had a lovely heatwave recently, but now we are back to chillier times. The sun was out but it wasn’t exactly boiling, so I opted for this.

Ed and I were popping into town and grabbing a coffee in a local cafe. I needed warmth but wasn’t ready to cash in my summer wardrobe. So out came the wedges and this gorgeous pale blue blouse.

This whole outfit is actually from the High Street… Well, apart from the Mulberry handbag. Come on, I’m still Emma Sales!

Blouse – New Look // Jeans – Topshop // Wedges – Topshop (similar) // Handbag – Mulberry // Necklace – Alex Monroe

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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