Game, Set, Match or is it the Matching set Game

Every year Ed and I take a little trip to Wimbledon to watch some tennis and be very British. This usually involves Pimms and Strawberries and cream!


It was Friday evening and we were shooting up to Wimbledon from work – just like we’ve done for the last three years. Except this year, it was 30ºC and Murray was playing.

I felt optimistic but you may have noticed that my outfit of the day is actually not in Wimbledon grounds…

So the walk from the station to the tennis grounds is about 15 minutes, not too bad. But then you have to walk to the back of the queue, something that I find really ridiculous when there is no long 10,000 people queuing! The queue space goes on for about a mile down the road. It seemed to be much longer this year too! It was so hot and both mine and Ed’s shoes were starting to rub. I hadn’t eaten because I’d rushed to get there and I was a little hot and bothered.

I had also been and bought this outfit specially for the occasion. Wimbledon was actually what I had in mind when I got these Gucci’s! The day I picked them up I said, “I can’t wait to wear these to Wimbledon with a crisp white dress.”

We arrive at the end of the queue to be told that the grounds are at maximum capacity and they aren’t letting anyone else in! No one told us this at any part of our mile walk down the queue, no signage and no warnings. I think it’s safe to say, I was royally pissed off! There was always going to be a chance we didn’t get in, but I just think that there should be people around the grounds letting you know that.


Dress – Karen Millen // Bag – Aspinal of London // Shoes – GUCCI

So I thought, seeing that I made all this effort… even though I didn’t get into the grounds of Wimbledon, I would show you.

I already mentioned that these shoes are my ‘Wimbledon shoes’, so I planned my outfit around them. I saw the beautiful Karen Millen dress and it was love at first sight. They actually had two white dresses that are both amazing. When I tried this one on, the response I got from shoppers around the changing room was incredible. I had people calling their family members asking them to come and see this dress. Everyone saying I just had to buy it, so obviously I had too. I also had three other ladies then pick this dress up and take it to the changing room – the power of seeing a dress on!

I didn’t feel quite as amazing in it as I did in the changing room because it is that time of the month and you know, us ladies just feel a little *bleugh*. This dress is incredible though and I still loved how it made me feel.


I’ve been naughty guys… I panic bought myself a new handbag. Once I’d bought the dress and had the shoes planned out, I was on the look out for a matching bag. At that precise moment, Aspinal emailed me. I opened up the email with no intention of buying a bag that price… But they had a sale guys!

The Lottie bag has been on my radar for ages now and I’ve been holding out for the A/W velvet ones. I then saw this cute little Lottie in the sale. It was exactly what I was looking for and the perfect shade of pink! In the sale, this bag is still a little pricey, but so pretty! I clicked on intrigued  to see what it was like and I saw…

“one left in stock”

I panic bought! I will dedicate a whole blog to this bag soon, so I won’t go into too much detail – but I love it and I’m so happy I panic bought!

So that was my disaster trip to Wimbledon… but I think this outfit is everything but a disaster. It’s my summer favourite and I’m pretty sure you will be seeing a lot more of it over on Instagram 😉

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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