Just Because…

This week Jo Malone launched an amazing game that gave you the chance to win FREE Jo Malone goodies. Yes, you read that right – FREE! Jo Malone are notoriously known for their prestigious packaging and stunning scents and it is also unheard of for them to have a sale. Products are never discounted and any seasonal scents tend to sell out instantly. So for me, this was a really big deal!

I found out about this due to their newsletter that I’m subscribed to. They had been enticing me all week, sending out emails with “Something exciting is coming to Jo Malone”. They even put the event in my calendar – so I was well prepared.


 On the Monday the email arrived, I had just assumed that a new product was launching. I had to read the email several times because I thought this was just too good to be true!

“Dear Emma,

Surprise! Introducing the Just Because digital game
Filled with scented treats. Something for everyone.
Come and play…*

I headed over thinking that perhaps it would be one of those games that you never win. You got three goes and on first and second attempt… nothing! But on the final go, I picked up a 100ml size of Basil and Neroli fragrance!

I could not believe it – these scents are £88 per 100ml and I was getting it for pressing a button on an email?!

There was no trick with the game, and I instantly told my mum… Her too winning! Everyone that played that 24hr game won something from Jo Malone. You may be wondering what the catch was and what the benefit would be for them.

There was a small catch and that was that to access your treat that had automatically gone to your basket, you needed to make another purchase. This could have been anything, I went for their new exfoliating shower gel, something I was going to pick up next weekend anyway!

I knew that this offer wouldn’t be here for long, even though it hadn’t stated. I jumped on social media and shared  as much as possible, so I hope you’re not reading this feeling like you missed out – I tried to warn ya! Make sure you’re following me next time (Twitter / Facebook).

So I’d placed my order and within a few days, it had arrived. I have never ordered from Jo Malone online before and I must say – it was a great experience.


It came so beautifully packaged that I had to get my camera out. When I opened up the box, I was greeted by the renown yellow bag and this black envelope thanking me for my purchase. The box was filled with folded bits of cardboard and then my beautifully wrapped goodies. You can select how you want it to be sent to you – you can have them both boxed together or separately with a ribbon or without…

I chose for them to be individually boxed because I have quite the collection and I’m hoping to turn that into something when I move out!

This game wasn’t widely advertised and I believe it was only mentioned to their subscribers, so I really like the idea of them rewarding their loyal customers.

I am going to leave you with with the image of my beautiful packages and hope that you managed to pick up a complimentary treat too.

If you missed out this time, sign up to the newsletter or just follow me on social media as I basically stalk their new releases and what’s new.

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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