Isle of Wight Festival

This time last week I was planning my festival wardrobe. Getting ready for the Isle of Wight Festival was a lot of fun but also unpredictable. Everytime we checked the weather forecast it changed!

I hadn’t bought any new clothing for the festival, so it was time to do some recycling of the wardrobe. You may remember that last year I wrote about my festival tips and fashion at Reading Festival, but this time we camped, so it was a whole different ball game!

I’m going to discuss how I packed for a weekend camping and how you can hopefully learn from my mistakes.


I have done festival weekends a couple of times before but this time we had paid to go more VIP. OK, so I’ll admit I was hopeful that this would be a lot better… But at the end of the day, it’s still camping and nothing’s going to change that.

Tangerine Fields

We stayed in the tangerine fields, a campsite that you could only enter with the correct wristband.


Straight away I felt much safer, they also had rent-a-tents that were all set and and ready to go. I would recommend this, if like us you arrive on Friday night. However, if you are going early, then this isn’t really necessary. I’m certainly not complaining because this meant we had less to carry on our trek from the carpark to the campsite. It also meant that when we had had enough and wanted to leave on the Sunday night, we could just up and go without faffing around with a tent.


On top of having our tents ready, we also had private showers, toilets, hair and make-up stations and our own bar. When I first arrived this really excited me but it wasn’t quite as amazing as I’d first imagined.

Firstly, the toilets were not great… especially by day two. I expected this because campsite toilets are always worse than inside the festival. Then was the horrendous shower queues, unless you wanted to get up and shower before 8:00am, you were going to queue. This was made slightly better by the bar staff bringing round shots while you waited! If this was Reading Festival, no one did anything before 12, so showers wouldn’t have been an issue. At the IoW Festival, there were people of all ages and so, early rising was the norm.

The hair and make-up stations were a novelty, and I loved having blow-dried hair for the first day, then it got so hot I had to tie my hair up! Mirrors for make-up were a great idea because mirrors were not allowed in due to glass. But by day 2 the queue for this station was too much hassle for a tired, sunburnt Emma. An Emma that had already just queued for 45minutes to have a shower…

As there was electricity for the hair tools, this also meant that you could change your phone, without having to pay the extortionate prices that stands charge. This was a really good idea but I had my trusty charging pack, which I definitely recommend taking when festival-going.


I learnt some vital lessons from that weekend, I thought I was organised… but not so much! Luckily because we were quite a big group, between us we had pretty much everything. But  if you don’t want to rely on others, here are some essentials that you need to pack when camping.

  • Toilet Roll – very important and an everyday essential. You never know when nature is going to call, and you certainly can’t rely on the toilets being equipped. I also suffer from hay fever, so tissue was in my bag always.
  • Hand Sanitiser – Festivals don’t have sinks and so sanitiser is vital. Most toilets were pretty good at having full sanitisers in them but this was an exception and we were lucky. At Reading Festival, the sanitisers were always empty.
  • Hay Fever Tablets – You are essentially just in a big field… so hay fever was awful for me! I stupidly forgot to pack any hay fever tablets, but luckily my trusty friend was organised and had some.
  • Sunglasses – These can hide a multitude of sins. Hangover, tired or Hay fever, these were constantly with me. Oh and also the sun, yes, the sunglasses are ideal for the sunshine!
  • Charging Pack – Essential for keeping your phone topped up on charge when you don’t have a plug socket. Make sure you’ve charged the charger though!
  • Glitter / Gold Tattoo Tranfers – A festival must-have. Even if your outfit is boring, just whack on some glitter and you’re set to go.
  • Water – Take a big pack of water with you, keeps you hydrated and useful for everything else too. It meant I could be lazy and brush my teeth right outside my tent. Water is also extremely over-priced once you enter the festival.


As I mentioned earlier, I hadn’t bought anything for the festival in terms of fashion. This is very unlike me, but I just hadn’t had chance! Time ran away with me and I was packing before I had even had chance to think of outfits. I went for a rummage through my wardrobe, knowing that I own plenty that I could re-wear. The weather was still unknown, so I had to pack for all scenarios.


I had three days to pack for and the first day was easy because we were travelling in the evening. This meant I knew what kind of conditions I was dealing with. I went for some classic black jeans because then I had then at any point over the weekend should I need them. I also had a jumper tied around my waist, which soon ended up on. This freed up my rucksack ever more and meant more space for rubbish!

Wellingtons – Hunters // Socks – Hunters

I also went with a plaid shirt because that is just compulsory festival style and also great for layering.

Once again, the wellies were essential. Even though we ended up having fabulous weather, wellies were still crucial. You just don’t know what’s on the ground and you also want to be as covered as possible so that you feel clean in your sleeping bag. Dirty feet in a sleeping bag Freak. Me. Out!

I have these cute welly socks from hunter that fold over the top. I love these, they make welly-wearing much more comfortable and because they fold over, they don’t fall down inside the welly.


Luckily the sun was shining and that meant that I had correctly! I put on a grey body and the festival shorts I bought for Reading.

We sat around the campsite chatting for ages before going into the festival and so I may have burnt my back quite badly… hence the pink mac! I definitely didn’t need the mac because it was boiling… but I did need to protect my back due to the nature of my low cut bodysuit!

Learn from my mistakes and pack suncream guys!!! I was radiating heat all night and during a very pushy example, I needed to head back to the tent for early doors – not cool, I know.

I also teamed my look with the classic choker trend. I’m loving this little addition and I’m holding onto that trend for as long as possible!


OK, so covering up was definitely needed today. I was super burnt and I had now added nose and forehead to the burnt list. Luckily for me, I had packed a light dress that kept me cool but also covered my back and tops of arms.

Dress – Boohoo // Rucksack – Longchamp (on sale)

Ooooh, and add the knees to the burnt list!

This dress was my saviour and it was an absolute bargain. They actually still stock this dress, so I will pop a link here if you want one.

I had my jeans and jumper that I could always go back to if it got chilly. The jumper came out every evening when it started to get a little colder. So with the layering options and other than the lack of suncream, I definitely feel I packed sensibly. All outfits were perfect for the weather conditions and this Boohoo dress seems to have gone down a storm with you guys!

I hope this has helped if you have a festival coming up. Good Luck and have the best time!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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