Did you make it onto the Guest List?

Wedding season is upon us!

You may know that I love a good wedding and so any excuse to talk about them, I’m there!

I would say that 90% of emails from my readers and friends are about needing help for¬†dressing for the occasion! Last year I wrote a blog on wedding guest outfit do’s and don’t but this time I thought we could focus more on the outfit!

The main thing that is important to think about when dressing for a wedding is that you feel great and confident. I want to help with this!


First thing is to think about where you shop. You do not want to show up to a wedding and someone is in the exact same outfit as you. Even if you are feeling fabulous, this is sure to put a dampener on it! You can avoid this by steering clear or your high street shops (the current season at least). Local boutiques are excellent for finding one off pieces that are not seen regularly.

Dress for the occasion, pretty midi-dresses and midi-skirts are always an ideal option for weddings but I do also love a smart jumpsuit! Go with something you’re comfortable with but I would say feminine and floral are always good go-to’s when you’re stuck.

A common question I get asked is about not having your legs on show, this is particularly difficult when it’s summer. If I were you, I would either wear a playsuit or a maxi-dress both can be really smart and also still cooling in the summer months!


Pastels are another thing that I go for for weddings. It keeps the look soft and means your outfit will look fabulous in the pictures with the bride! You’ll be like an additional bridesmaid!

As I mentioned in my last wedding blog, I would never wear cream on white to a wedding. However, I have chosen to partner this blog with a cream outfit. Why, you’re asking? This outfit is from a brand called G. Hasanova and it is a¬†fabulous haute couture designer. There will be more about the brand coming very soon, but I just wanted to include this outfit because it made me feel like a princess.

Co-Ord – G. Hasanova // Shoes – Louboutin

The design was so different and elegant and the materials were gorgeous. So I thought, although it’s cream and I wouldn’t wear this to a wedding… I would wear this to other special occasions and if it were in a different colour it would be the perfect example for the perfect outfit. I’m highly doubtful that anyone will be wearing the same as me and it is so beautiful. I felt smart and well put together instantly!


Shoes are obviously very important for me but we need to be sensible. Think about whether or not you are going to be on grass or cobbles. The thin stiletto is not ideal for this! A wedge is always a good idea but make sure they are elegant and not too clumpy. Saying this, I do normally wear my Louboutin’s to weddings… I clearly don’t listen to my own advise. This leads me beautifully onto my next point, which of course is comfort.

Weddings are a long affair, normally starting early afternoon and going onto into the early hours. The wedding is sitting down and so it the meal, but for everything else… you’re up and hopefully dancing the night away!


We live in the UK, so one thing I would say is… prepare for all weather! I always think a pashmina is good to have in your bag for the chillier evenings. Pashmina’s are easy and light and go with pretty much anything.

If you have space, pack a brolly! Weddings generally mean that you have put a lot of effort into everything. From hair to tan to make-up, so don’t let the weather spoil your hard work!

Plasters are also a good idea, just incase you ignored my advise about the comfortable shoes!

Love Life,

Emma xxx



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