High Street dressing with Luxury

My favourite thing to do is partner Luxury accessories with clothes from the High Street. I’ve had quite a few questions on it lately, so I thought I’d write a blog post about it. As many of you will be aware… I have expensive taste in shoes. This expensive taste, means that there is not a lot of money left for anything else! Thank goodness my parents feed me!

These are the types of blogs I love reading too, so I figured something that excites me is always good to write about.

I wrote a similar blog at christmas, you can read that one here. “Dress elegant for less”, focused more on key pieces that help elevate your wardrobe.


Let’s start from the beginning…

High Street is something that I’m almost 100% sure everyone has in their wardrobe, luxury is perhaps not. So when I first purchased my first pair of Louboutins, I had no choice but to team them with High Street and now I wouldn’t go back. Of course luxury clothing is amazing and if you can afford it… then why not? I can’t however and I would much rather invest in accessories than trend.

Other than a classic pair of jeans and a LBD, most things in our wardrobe do change with the trends. So my thoughts are… why spend hundreds (sometimes even thousands) on clothes that may only last you a season. When I invest in shoes, I will always make sure they are classics and will transition through my wardrobe. When you partner the right High Street with luxury, you can fool almost anyone.

My favourite High Street shop at the moment is ZARA, the only problem I have with ZARA, is that a lot of people love ZARA meaning that you aren’t always unique. ASOS is a slightly better option, because although everyone shops at ASOS, there is so much choice that I actually rarely see anyone else in the same item.

ASOS & ZARA are fabulous at keeping up with trends too, if you saw something you loved on the catwalk, give them a day or two and bam… quarter of the price on the High Street.


Jumper – VILA at ASOS // Culottes – ZARA // Shoes – Manolo Blahnik


This outfit, excluding the shoes, cost £42.00. I got the top in the sale for £12 and the culottes were £29.99 but I think this outfit looks a lot more than under £50.

The culottes aren’t fussy, when I say this I mean there isn’t anything that jumps out at you, they are simple. Simple is always key when looking effortlessly chic. The culottes fit me well and the most important thing about them is that they make me feel good. Feeling good in your clothes is so important. You need to feel empowered, just by you feeling this way will make people believe it. I’m not saying simple is the only way, I’ve seen people rock some great prints… but for me, it works. If you are new to trying new things, then I think stay simple to begin with. You don’t want an extremely fashionable piece that the sales lady told you was so in, just because… you need to feel confident and chic! If you do, then buy away!

I love a turtle neck, and many people would tell me to avoid this piece because it can emphasise the double chin. I don’t care though because they make me feel more put together. This is just a plain, thin, white turtle neck but I love it! It’s easy, I can wear it with pretty much anything and it’s elegant. Partnered with a more dressed up look, people would probably be shocked it only cost me £12.


So I already touched on the fact that luxury accessories can elevate your High Street outfit. If you saw a lady walking down the street with Louboutin’s and a Hermes, chances are… you aren’t going to think she is in Zara. Maybe she isn’t in ZARA, but I have many very luxury lady friends, and often… they are!

One thing that stops my partner having a panic attack each time I spend a fortune on a pair of luxury shoes, is how much they appreciate in value. I know, you wouldn’t expect your shoes to sell for more than you bought them for… but trust me, if you do it right then they will.

Manolo Blahnik’s classic BB Pumps


I really look after my luxury pieces, to the point many may laugh at me! Firstly, I protect them, you will never see me outside in a pair of shoes unless they have been sprayed with the appropriate protection. Next, I store them all in their original boxes with the receipt and dust bags. This is a really important step because you need to prove that they are genuine and you also keep them protected from being damaged when they aren’t in use. The final thing I do is, before I put them back in their box, I give them a quick clean. I wipe the insides with a baby wipe and if they are suede, I give them a quick brush.


I also buy wisely, saying this I do often buy suede which perhaps isn’t so wise!?! Suede is much harder to take care of and can damage much more easily. But I love suede so much that it is worth it for me (I’m also not buying to invest, but shhh, don’t tell Ed). Patent and leather are much more sensible materials to buy if you are wanting an investment shoe.

The reason I say that I buy wisely is because I do my research. Brands like CHANEL and Louis Vuitton have price increases so regularly that even if you sold a pair of shoes a year later, they would be worth more (as long as you take care of them). My CHANEL slingbacks were so hard to get hold of, that people were paying more online second hand, than they were worth buying them brand new from CHANEL. People weren’t patient enough to be calling everyday for nearly six month. If you haven’t heard the story you can watch it here.

I will always invest in classics, my shoes are plain and elegant, this way they will stay with the transitions in fashion. I also buy from brands that have that wow factor. Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik are brands that any shoe lover will have dreamed of.


On the topic of shoes, find a cobbler you trust. DO YOUR RESEARCH – I can’t emphasise this enough. I take mine to Harrods because I know that they know how to deal with luxury brands and materials as they stock them. When your shoes are looking a little tired, the soles are wearing or the heel stud is worn, repair them, do this before you damage the shoe. These Manolo’s pictured could actually do with being checked in, due to wearing them on grass!!! I know, what was I thinking.

Harrods always give good advice and generally cost around £50 a time, this obviously depends how much work the shoes needs. If you maintain the health of the shoe, your investment will be much better.

I personally don’t buy for investment, but it is always worth having it in mind because you just never know!

Handbags and leather goods, this all still applies for. It’s just that I don’t have quite as much experience with them. I have a few expensive handbags that are stored and protected in the same way.


  • Invest in classic accessories, that way they can move with the times and cost per wear will be much better
  • Buy trends from the High Street or local boutiques – think about how you will wear them before you buy. It’s so annoying buying a piece that you have nothing to wear with – trust me it will just sit there until you work it out
  • Do your research and invest sensibly – Most luxury pieces will be an investment if you follow my steps


I really hope you have found this helpful. If there is anything I have missed that you’re keen to know about then please let me know. I know a lot of my readers are shy and private message me instead of leaving a comment, but either way, I love to hear from you. You all know how much I love my luxury and if I can advise anyone thinking of investing for the first time then I am your lady! I share your excitement and I get a real pleasure in helping you find that perfect fit.

If like me, shoes are your thing, then you may find my YouTube video on my top 5 luxury shoes helpful. I talk about the brand and why I decided to pick them. I also talk about comfort, wearablilty and quality.

Love Life,

Emma xxx



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