The Iconic Stan Smith

What has even happened to me? I’ve turned 26 and now suddenly I’m all about the comfort. First was the Adidas Gazelle & then Comme des Garçons converse… now these!

You may be aware that my brother is a complete sneaker head and it seems that it may have rubbed off on me.

Don’t worry, normality should resume soon…


Adidas created a shoe for the tennis star Stan Smith, making these shoes iconic.

If I am being completely honest, I’ve always thought these shoes were a little bulky and… ugly. Slowly, slowly they have grown on me. I’ve seen them styled so well and the winning moment for me was seeing everyone in the Vogue office with a pair under their desk for their run around shoe!

If they are good enough for Vogue then they are certainly good enough for me!

I’ve had my eye on them for a while but I finally took the plunge when ASOS had a 20% off day! These were the first thing I searched for and the originals were part of the offer – BONUS!

These shoes have been worth the hype. I think that they instantly add edge to an outfit and they are stylish and comfortable. These shoes are ideal for my readers that want to stay fashionable but perhaps have a lifestyle that means heels are out of the question.

Everyone needs a run around shoe and if you like these shoes, then look no further.

Click here to see all the different colour and material options available. I went for the green because they are the classics and I really like them, but if green isn’t for you, I bet they have a colour that is.

So, that is my new found love of a very different kind of shoe. These are less than quarter of the price of my usual shoes, so Ed will be happy!

Be prepared to see these A LOT over on my Instagram.

Love Life,

Emma xxx



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