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This blog is a little different from the rest and comes after looking back at my previous blog. If you have been with me from the very beginning, then you may remember this blog. It didn’t really have a structure and I came to it whenever I felt like it.

Today I want to get a little more personal with you guys and get your opinions…

You may not have even noticed, but over on this blog I publish twice a week. The blog is 1½ years old and I have never missed an upload… even when I’m away. I publish every Wednesday and Sunday and I really do love it.

But here’s the thing… I would love to know if you notice the twice a week upload. Do you know it’s coming and get excited about it? Would you miss it if I missed a post? I put a lot of pressure on myself to never miss a post and like I mentioned, I never have… But does this matter?

This is just me asking out of curiosity because I love blogging but sometimes I just write because I can’t miss a post and not because it’s a great post I want to share with you. On Saturday I looked over my old blog and although the standard is a different level to this blog, I really enjoyed re-reading it and I loved the content.

I used to post my week in outfits, my weekly wonderings and loads more make-up looks. The main reason I stopped doing this was because I wanted all my pictures to be a much higher quality on this blog. That proves much harder than I thought because you generally need a photographer on hand and a good background! I have never been so obsessed with backgrounds before!!!

So… I’m asking you, because I would truly love to know your thoughts. Should I stick to the schedule? Or should I just post when I feel like it and when I have something exciting to share? If you don’t usually comment on my blogs, then please make today different because it will really help me in my quest of the correct blogging methods.

I also would love to know (if you read my old blog) if you prefer the more professional writing… or you preferred when I just wrote about going for lunch with my family etc?


It wouldn’t be a precious needs blog without a little weekend inspiration, so here is my gorgeous Agent Provocateur lingerie. The theme fits perfectly with the images, so why not?

One of my favourite things to do when I’m getting slammed up is to put on some pretty, matching underwear. It makes me feel so much more put together.

 This set is not from their recent collection but they have the same style in their current season, so I will list those below!

Cupid Bra & Cupid Brief

Between Rigby & Peller and Agent Provocateur your underwear collection will be on fire! The quality is always excellent and they make sure they fit you correctly. Agent Provocateur also does the best sales EVER! So keep your eyes peeled.

Once again, I would really appreciate your blogging feedback, help me cure my bout of writer’s block!

Love Life,

Emma xxx



  1. Lauren
    21st May 2017 / 9:31 pm

    I never miss one either! Religious reader! Don’t stop your my inspiration to all things non wellies and schoffel! X x x X but a country style blood would be epic!

    • Emma
      21st May 2017 / 9:33 pm

      Thank you so much Lauren! Country blog coming up! Xx

  2. Lauren
    21st May 2017 / 9:33 pm

    Blog not blood ( weird typo! )

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