Set for Life

You’ve heard the hype right? The Laura Mercier setting powder seems to be THE powder of all powders. I have been meaning to try it of ages and I finally got round to purchasing it.

Whenever I speak to my make-up artist friends, this is their holy grail. When I am doing make-up clients, I commonly get asked advice and products to recommend. So why not share this is everyone and not just my clients. In this blog I am just going to be talking about the Laura Mercier setting powder but soon I will be doing a video on my top go-to products for people on the go! I’ll be teaming it with a quick 10 minute make-up tutorial for people that don’t have the time to sit and spend an hour. This seems to be a common theme when I’m chatting to friends and clients!


So why is Laura Mercier setting powder so great? What I have discovered from using it is that it has a beautiful formulation, which is extremely lightweight. It breezes on your skin beautiful and you don’t feel “cakey” at all. It has a silk-like texture that feels  amazing on the skin and leaves you feeling set for the day! This is not at all surprising once you realise what the powder is made with… the finest french “cashmere” talc, sounds dreamy, right?

This product also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines as well as doing the obvious of stopping creasing. Here is what Laura Mercier has to say about it:

“With multiple major awards and counting, Laura Mercier’s “best in beauty”, cult-favorite bestseller is your go-to setting powder. Loose powder feels luxuriously dense in the jar, feels incredibly soft and silky-light on your skin. Pros love the super smooth application: goes on evenly, blends effortlessly, provides great wear. Sets makeup without adding weight or texture.”

I have found that the product does it exactly what it says on the tin and more, it goes beyond the normal power and it keeps my foundation in place all day. Since purchasing I notice such a difference from when I’m not. I’m currently using a brush to apply but I have the puff on my wish list because it will push the product into the skin much better and works around small areas well. Now this product comes everywhere with me and I just had to share it with you all!

Let me know if you try it or if you already have it? I love to hear other people view on things I’m loving, I have heard the packaging breaks easily but I must say that I have not yet experienced that.

Love Life,

Emma xxx