Pearlfect Pearls

Who wouldn’t love some denim and pearl? Pearls are everywhere at the moment and seem to be covering our wardrobes (if we let them), and I have to say… I’m becoming a bit of a sucker for pearls.

Slowly, slowly they are creeping in and slowly, slowly I am accepting and enjoying that fact.

For me, pearls are elegant and classy, so I am slightly nervous of this trend – but for now I am rolling with it.

Both of the pieces I have in my collection featured in my Zara haul, so I’m not going to tell you about the product but why I love how the pearls have been incorporated and just show you more detail in photo’s. I wasn’t going to write a blog as well as filming a blog on these, but both pieces have been so popular with you guys, I thought it would be rude not to!

Also, you guys have gone nuts over the Zara haul video. I’m trying not to be offended at the fact that I put my brother in the video and suddenly it reaches 1,500 views within 4 days! WHAAAT!


I love the pearls on this piece because they are subtle yet elegant. The blazer is fitted, so it gives off a smart vibe. I also love the black with the pearls, they stand out just enough and it means that I can partner it with just about anything.


Here I styled it with my bargain tea dress that you all went mad for and my Camilla Elphick heels. I actually hadn’t planned on wearing this blazer with this outfit. I had packed it to wear with my black jeans but I got a little chilly and quite liked the look.

The blazer adds a more structured look to the outfit and it just shows how easy it is to wear with anything. As I mentioned, I hadn’t planned to wear this outfit, but it kind of worked.

Since purchasing this jacket I have managed to wear it with dresses, skirts and jeans. It instantly elevates an otherwise casual outfit and you immediately feel more put together. I definitely recommend investing in a tailored jacket!


This is my new favourite thing in the wardrobe! I’m completely obsessed and I have had to stop myself from wearing it too often because it is just so easy to chuck on.

I’ll tell you why I love it… Number 1, it is pearls on denim which make a dreamy combination. Number 2, it is an oversized shirt, which I’ve just discovered are amazing *orders another 12 oversized shirts*! OK, Numero 3, I can wear this as a shirt… a dress… a layering piece. I have pictured me wearing it as a layered piece and it received so many compliments, I can’t tell you!

I’ve dressed it sloppy but I personally think it looks cool. I mentioned in my video that I feel like when you are asked to bring your dad’s old shirt in for art class… this is how it felt but slightly more edgy perhaps!


Keep posted on Instagram because I really want to style this as a dress with my OTK boots. I think it could bring the class level down slightly, but I think it will look sexy as hell… and who cares about anything else when you feel!

I think you will be seeing me in this an awful lot through spring so I apologise in advance.


If pearls are your thing, then keep reading… I have put together a selection of my favourite pearl pieces currently. I’ll list them in price order so it is easy to navigate your way through.













See, the world has gone crazy for pearls! I hope you managed to find something that tickled your fancy… What an odd saying, you only realise when you have to type it!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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