Happy Easter

I just wanted to keep it brief and wish you all a very Happy Easter.

I know everyone will be busy doing lots of lovely things or simply just using this long weekend to catch up on some well-deserved R&R. Whatever you are doing, I hope it’s lovely and you’re enjoying yourself.

I will be spending my morning brunching with Ed’s family. Ed’s mum always makes a big fuss at Easter, which I love. We have the two nieces over, so I’m sure an egg hunt will be on the cards too!

I will spend the early evening with my family for a big Easter roast – I can’t wait! I’m going to try and fit in some exercise at some point too. This way I can gorge in chocolate guilt-free!

As Easter is a time for family and celebration I hope you’ve all had time to take some me time this month. My last post was about “Thirty days of Happiness” and the response from you guys was incredible. One of my most read blogs!!! I was overwhelmed and I’m so glad you liked it.

If you haven’t managed to stick to it each day – that’s ok but I hope you’ve been able to do something. I feel so good from doing it and it just shows that taking that little bit of time out of each day can make a difference.


Obviously, I have to quickly mention the outfit:

This dress is an old one from ZARA I’m afraid, however I thought I would mention it because they have a really similar jumpsuit here.

The shoes are current season from M&S and I have lived in them!

Ed took this photo when I was checking off my “enjoy the weather”¬†box from my 30 days of happiness challenge. It was such a beautiful day and sitting it seemed like such a waste. We had such a lovely afternoon and walking is so therapeutic.

I have also just filmed a massive ZARA haul over on my YouTube channel. If you are interested just click here.

Whatever you are doing today, have a good one. Sending lots of love to you all…

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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