English Garden in the Spring Time

Have you seen my new shoes? If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube then you may well have done.

My new additions are from a British designer called Camilla Elphick. My friend Tegan introduced me to the brand as she is good friends with Camilla. I instantly fell in love and loved her unusual designs. They are certainly a stand-out brand.

I filmed an unboxing of these shoes over on my YouTube, you can watch that here – see my first impressions and see them in action.

I thought I would write a blog post about them now that I have worn them and given them a test drive!


These shoes are the “English Garden” style and although they have sold out in the black, they have this gorgeous silver pair still available.

They are in the sale, so if you love them, I would recommend snapping them up quick.

Camilla’s inspiration for this shoe was the English countryside, which couldn’t really be any more up my street! I love the whole idea of this shoe and I love that it’s a classic black shoe with an unusual twist.

I have worn these shoes three times so far and I’m obsessed.


They have padding on the ball of the foot and in the heel, which makes them really comfortable. The only thing I had a problem with is the back of the shoe. As you can see from the photo below, the detail comes right up to the ankle and it rubbed ever-so-slightly when I first wore them. However, the more I have worn them, the more the leather has softened up and now this isn’t a problem. I wore them for Mother’s Day and I kept them on the entire afternoon/evening with no problems.


This design is extremely elegant and sexy on the foot. The missing side mean that the arch of your foot is visible, some like this more than others but I love it. It’s very Louboutin-esque. The heel is dainty and feminine but it still is a comfortable enough height with support to walk well. “It’s crafted from interlocking petals and leaves in sleek black leather, creating a peekaboo effect that’s perfect for evening outfitting. Note the four-leaf clovers spliced throughout, designed to be your lucky charm as you move from dusk to night. Petal power!”


This designer fits true to size, if anything a little narrow but not too bad. I bought these is a size 38, which is my High Street size. I normally buy luxury shoes in 37.5 but after speaking to Camilla’s team, I decided to go with the 38. They fit well but I could have probably gotten away with a 37.5 too as I have a little space at the back.


The shoes are made in Italy but designed by British designer Camilla. They have a 105mm heel and are made from Lambskin.

Shop Camilla Elphick shoes here

Her shoes are sure to capture the attention of others and they are also sure to make you feel fabulous and while they have up to 60% off in their sale, what are you waiting for…

Check out her website and let me know how you get on – You’re welcome 😉

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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