Not so Black & White

Look at me and my photographer Zoe finding the perfect backdrop for my outfit… by accident! This black and white background is London blogger in a nutshell! Perhaps adding a little marble and rose gold could be the icing on the cake!

I recently went shopping with a friend to buy her wedding shoes, it was very exciting! This was her day and I was just going to give luxury shoe guidance!

I arrived at Harrods a little early and because they have quite poor mobile reception in there I decided I wouldn’t go inside. It was a little cold though… What’s a girl to do but pop into the Zara next door?

I may have slipped inside, just to keep warm and have signal to meet my friend – obviously.

There was a blazer I had seen on social media that I wanted to try on, so I did and I thought, I’ll just pick this up because it probably won’t be around for long. I went over to the till with my blinkers on, there was very slow service going on. I went upstairs to see if it was any better, it was a little. I’m standing there, like a good girl when I see a black top by the side of the queue. I definitely do not need another black top, but I managed to persuade myself in about 10 seconds that I did, then suddenly my friend called. Oops, she is ready and I now look like someone who is completely incapable of window shopping!


Did I need this sweater… absolutely not. Do I love this sweater, absolutely. I have reached for it so many times and that is the beauty of a black top.

They sell this exact style is a few different colour options and this is dangerous territory for me! You know I love black & white, so I want the white version with black trim and I also love the breton stripe version. I will link all the options below.


The thing I love about this simple sweater is that it doesn’t matter on your style. I could buy this for a number of different people with all different styles and all different ages, and you could make this work. It’s simple yet classic and it only costs £17.99 – yep, I’m going back for the ecru – catch me if you can Ed!

Of course, I’ve teamed my new sweater with my favourite GAP jeans. I’m not going to bang on about them anymore but just know I love them and you need a pair in your life.


Like my shoes? These are from a shoe boutique in Sunningdale called Heels. They stock the best variety of shoes from parts of Europe, which means the chance of you seeing your shoes on anyone other than yourself is slim… unless you have a sister perhaps?

These shoes are from a brand they stock called Calpierre and they are insanely comfortable.

They go really well with almost anything and they are so casual/smart. What I mean by that is that for a weekend style, these shoes are perfect. I still feel put together and smart without actually having to be. Weekend style is my absolute favourite and if you can do that well, you are on to a winner!

Sweater – ZARA // Jeans – GAP // Shoes – Heels Boutique // Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

 That leads me on to a future blog actually, I’m doing a weekend style blog soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Love Life,

Emma xxx



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