30 Days of Happiness

I was doing a little bit of blog reading myself lately. I always start by reading some of my favourite IG friends and I came across a blog that really inspired me. For me, a blog that can do that is special and I had to share it with you lovely lot.

So thank you Allie from rushandteal.co.uk for letting me steal your ideal to hopefully keep inspiring!

It’s April and spring is here, this already makes me so happy, but what else can I be doing to achieve happiness?

I know this is slightly different from my usual blog style, but I think we could all do with taking some me time. Allie has come up with some great things we can do daily to promote our happiness. I love hers, but I’m going to add some new ones in that are better suited to me and you guys can do the same.

If you want to read Allie’s happiness blog (I recommend it), then just click here.


 Ok, so here is what we do. Each day of April, we have to check something off our thirty days of happiness list. We are already a day in, so maybe today – as it’s Sunday – we could cross two off.

Each thing on your list should be something that you enjoy doing or something that we often forget to do or enjoy. I have become prisoner to my phone, so my April is going to be focusing on more time with my loved ones without having a phone involved… Sorry social media!


  1. Put your phone down for the evening; enjoy others company and don’t feel the need to tweet about it
  2. Go for a walk; breathe in the country air – do it on your own or with others – your choice
  3. Enjoy the weather; don’t worry about what weather it is – just enjoy it
  4. Call your best friend for a chat; maybe get a date in for brunch
  5. Workout; get those endorphins flowing
  6. Buy fresh flowers
  7. Sleep; have an early night and enjoy it
  8. Girls night; wine, movies, junk food and pampering
  9. Random act of kindness; do something that makes someone else happy
  10. Support the local community; get lost in a local boutique, bookshop or coffee shop
  11. Take some family time; plan a day out, it doesn’t have to cost anything just do something together
  12. Have a long bath; make it hot and bubbly, go all out with candles a good album and (for me)… LUSH
  13. Brunch; enjoy a lazy morning put on some comfies and go for brunch (perhaps with your bestie you called?)
  14. Be spontaneous; no it’s not planned but roll with it and forget about tomorrow this will be fun
  15. Do something different; get out of your comfort zone and try something that scares you
  16. Pamper yourself; give yourself a facial, a body scrub and paint your nails
  17. Laugh uncontrollably; it doesn’t matter why or how, just do it
  18. Take a meaningful photo; instead of endless selfies
  19. Treat your loved one
  20. Rock a bold lip; try something new
  21. Be healthy; a day where your body is a temple
  22. Be grateful; we often forget to think about what we are lucky for
  23. Connect; comment on those Instagram pictures or blogs you love and share the love
  24. Spring clean; sort your wardrobe out and throw out anything that makes you feel any less than fabulous
  25. Homemade; cook something for dinner when you’d usually reach for something easy
  26. Start making things happen; if you’ve been wanting to do it, go and do it
  27. Put your feet up; grab a cuppa, a book and unwind on your own
  28. Get dolled up; this is sure to make you feel fabulous
  29. Breakfast in bed with mimosas
  30. Smile


It wouldn’t be the precious needs that you know and love if it didn’t mention the outfit now, would it?

I picked this dress up from a gorgeous boutique in Spain called Moss, they had some really cute pieces and I couldn’t resist. As soon as I walked in, this dress immediately caught my eye.

The colour is so pretty and the perfect piece for spring. The ruffle detail means I can do my favourite thing (going braless) and nobody will ever know! It’s keeping with the popular cold shoulder trend and to make it perfect… It has pockets! I just love pockets on pretty much anything.

Dress – Moss // Hat – Topshop // Shoes – M&S // Sunnies – Ray-Ban

The hat is an oldie but a goodie from Topshop, it rolls up which is really handy for travelling and it’s adjustable, so even my teeny head fits!

I would love it if you gave this challenge a go with me. If you do please share how it’s going with the hashtag #thirtydayshappy on twitter or Instagram. I will be sharing my progress on these platforms, so please head over and join in.

Precious Needs TwitterPrecious Needs Instagram

For me, this is a challenge and one that I definitely need to do. If you know me, you know how competitive I am, so I am taking this very seriously!

I really hope you have enjoyed my different style of blog today, I would love if you would share feedback on this. That way I know if it is something I should be doing more often.

Love Life,

Emma xxx



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