Bittersweet, Spain

We have just come back from a gorgeous weekend away in our home in Spain. It was tainted with bittersweet though and I’ll explain more in a minute. If you want more about the story of our home in Spain, you can click here.

We decided to take a trip to Spain to celebrate my birthday. It seems to be my annual trip there because we did the same last year. If you read my blogs from last year, then you may remember that we had the most miserable weather!


My parents were already in Spain, Ed and myself travelled early on the Saturday morning so we could get the full day. The alarm went off at 3:50am and we were off. This time we had a polar opposite flight to the last time (you may remember we flew on a Friday evening and got stuck with the worlds worse stag do)! Everyone on board was so lovely and friendly, helping each other with luggage and chatting about their trip… It was bliss!

This trip had already started on a better foot, but to top it off, on landing we were greeted by the most beautiful weather – and we had landed earlier than expected too! We were in Spain for 9:45am, we sailed through security and was in the car by 10:10am.

We decided to take a drive through the mountains, because the weather was so nice we wanted to see all these picturesque views.

First we stopped to look at a property a friend wants to buy. It was out in the sticks but it was simply stunning. It looked out to the most beautiful views and the house was very pretty.

Shirt – Warehouse // Jeans – GAP // Shoes – ConverseXcommedesgarcons // Sunglasses – Meller


We then headed for somewhere to stop for a coffee. Then we came across a real local restaurant. It looked over the most beautiful views of Spain and it was so peaceful. We were the only English there and we had the terrace to ourselves. This is where the bittersweet comes in.

We received the sad phone call to say that our gorgeous dog had become very sick while we were all away. My grandparents had taken her to the vet and it was not a good outcome. We made the sad decision to have our 14 year old Bichon put to sleep. This was an incredibly sad moment and we all sat there looking out at this most beautiful location, so peaceful… and we sobbed – my poor boyfriend didn’t quite know what to do I don’t think.

We spent the day in a fairly sorry state, which was a shame but we did try and make the most of being in this stunning environment. We drove through the mountains making pit-stops for lunch and to take pictures, by this point it had reached a wonderful 26ºC.

On the journey to Ronda we bought some freshly picked oranges from the roadside – BEST ORANGES EVER!


Puente Nuevo

“Surrounded by lush river valleys and sitting above a deep ravine, it is a place that literally takes your breath away when seeing it.”

If you are in Andalucia or close by you must visit Ronda, one of the oldest cities in Spain.  It’s about a 40 minute drive from Benahavís and is well worth the trip.

Ronda offers traditional Spanish culture and picturesque views. We stopped off on the famous bridge, Puente Nuevo which looks over the El Tajo Gorge.

As you can see, this view really put a smile on my face and managed to perk my spirits for a little while. It really did take my breath away, it was spectacular and I really recommend trying to visit.

Plaza de Toros

Next door to the bridge was the famous Bull Ring in Ronda. We just looked from the outside in, but tours are available for €6,50 per person. It is known from being very classic, old and beautiful in Spain.

There is so much more to see in Ronda, I have found a great website showing you the best places to visit if you want to make a day of it.

After a day of travelling around, we headed home to unpack and unwind. Ed and I had been up since before 4am, and we were certainly feeling drained after all of today’s emotions.

Shirt – Second Female // Shorts – ASOS // Shoes – M&S // Headband – Anthropologie // Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

We had a busy day planned for Sunday, so we decided to have dinner at home and drift off while watching a bit of TV.

Although today was one of the saddest days, it really felt peaceful too. I don’t think we could have been in a better place to receive such news. We knew our dog was getting very old and she wasn’t well, so this wasn’t a shock to us but still a hard pill to swallow.

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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