Nailed It – CHANEL

I want to discuss if CHANEL nail products are worth the luxurious price tag.

At £20 for a colour, is that really too much for nail varnish? We all know CHANEL looks fabulous sitting pretty on your dressing table… but is that it and is it worth it?

Let’s compare to some of the big brand out there at the moment.


About – This is the brand that is used in most beauty salons I would say. It has a great reputation and therapists usually say this is their go-to brand.

Price – Around £11 per bottle

Availability – Mostly sold in salons but you can also pick this up online or in John Lewis.

Star Rating – 3.5 stars from me, as a beauty therapist myself, I have used this brand both professionally and personally and most my collection is Jessica. The reason I give this 3.5 is because although the product is easy to paint with and has the most fabulous colours, it does chip easily if not used with a top and base coat. I know that you should be using a base and top coat, but let’s be real, there isn’t always time for that! I also find that they can go thick quite quickly if they aren’t used as much. It is also still quite pricey compared to other big brands of polish.


About – Another very well known brand. OPI is another favourite and leader in the polish category.

Price – Around £9 per bottle

Availability – Online and in department stores

Star Rating – 4 stars, I love the brush on OPI polish it makes it simple to apply product. The colours are again, wonderful but I still find they chip quickly is applied without top coat.


About – Popular for being quick and easy and offered in department stores. House of Fraser commonly offer manicures with this brand and it has slowly grown bigger and bigger.

Price – £15

Availability – Online and in department stores

Star Rating – 3 stars, my least favourite out of the three I have listed but still a great brand. I find nails inc. bottles more awkward to hold and use. Even when I apply this product with top and base coat it doesn’t stay chip-free for long on me. I don’t use it with nails inc top and base coat so maybe that’s why?


Ok, so we have assessed some of the leading nail brands on the market at the moment, now how do they compare with CHANEL.

About – A renowned brand, known for exceptional quality. Looks pretty on your dressing table AND paints well!!!

Price – £20

Availability – Luxury department stores, online and in boutiques

Star Rating – 4.5 stars!!! So this is coming from someone who is a complete Jessica lover. I have used Jessica for years, but I have to say… CHANEL have nailed it! The polish brush paints easily, two coats gives good coverage and it actually lasts without top and base.

Now I’m not encouraging you not to use base and top coat but I am being real and I know that sometimes it’s a miracle to just have your nails painted. This polish lasts and on day 3-4 is still looking good.

I’m currently obsessing over their new colour “Turban” and after you guys asking so many questions about it on Instagram, I thought it was time to review. With that in mind, I wanted to mention their varnish remover too.


The remover is £15 for just 50ml… but it is CHANEL. Yes, you could pop down to your local boots and pick one up for a couple of pounds and it will remove your polish… so why spend £15? You certainly don’t need to, but if you are materialistic like me, then this product will probably be on your wish list.

This remover is very good – and so it should be! It removes polish with ease and it doesn’t smell as strong as your standard remover. It is full of oils and Vitamin E to help the health of your nails. Will I be purchasing it again, probably not… I may be a little cheeky and refill the beautiful bottle with ordinary polish remover though! Shhh!

I hope you found this helpful!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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