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I would like to start this by saying a massive thank you to Genevieve Sweeney.


Thanks to Genevieve Sweeney, I got to attend my first ever London Fashion Week Festival. LFWF is like a celebration for London Fashion Week, something everyone can enjoy and anyone can attend. Brands come and showcase their fabulous pieces and lots of brands are selling their products for amazing prices.

As you walked in, there was a big LFW sign that everyone was taking pictures next too. There were several photo opportunities throughout the event. It was like a bloggers dream.

As you may be aware, I was doing “no spend Feb”, just to see if this shopaholic could do a month without it. The truth is… this was a BIG test for me. I wouldn’t say that I breezed through the month, I certainly found it difficult but I stayed off my emails and away from the shops. LFWF meant that for the first time this month, I was faced with beauty and fashion items.

Yeh… I didn’t do too well. I had done so well, almost made it to the finish line and I fell at the last hurdle.

Well I had made it to pay day… so maybe that still counts? Right?

What did I buy?

 I was kindly given two tickets, I decided to take my friend and photographer as a way of saying thank you to her. I thought, at least I will have someone to control me… ZOE, you did not control me!

As we walked in, I was almost straight away faced with an item I have wanted for YEARS! I had never bought one before because I couldn’t justify the price, I would have rather had a pair of shoes! I also wanted it monogrammed and so wanted to wait until I’m married, so I can wear it forever.

Any guesses?


It was a cashmere Burberry scarf. Now you may be thinking, well you just said you couldn’t justify the price… That’s what made my “no spend” decision very hard. The scarf had a print from two seasons ago, it still looked like the iconic Burberry print, just slightly different spacing. This meant that it was down from £295 to £125. I mean, how could I say no?

They were selling fast and I made a rash decision that was egged on by Zoe. So yes, I bought the scarf!

Now I’m feeling like I have undone all my hard work of the month and feel a little bit ruthless. Now I’d purchased one thing, I had lost control.

Genevieve Sweeney

Next, I visited Genevieve Sweeney to thank her. Genevieve Sweeney is premium British knitwear. I have followed the brand for quite a while now and the pieces are beautiful. While talking to Genevieve, I found myself scanning through the beautiful items she had on display. I saw an oversized jumper that I really loved. It had two different stitching techniques on it, which Genevieve told me was really hard to achieve and a good way to tell if it is good quality.

This jumper is unisex and I loved that it was different and that it was big and cosy. On the website, this jumper is £200 but at the show it was £60, so once again I was tempted and succumbed.

I have just shot this jumper for a blog soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Genevieve also very kindly gave us goodie bags, which contained a pair of her socks, some Cava and a gift voucher. I’ve already worn this jumper three times since the show, so I definitely want another piece of knitwear from her collection.

Winser London

Ok, so this is the last thing, and then I somehow miraculously managed to control myself again. Right next to Genevieve Sweeney was Winser London. I had to go in because they had a mirror and I wanted to check out my new GS jumper. Then I noticed a red wine coloured turtleneck and you know I’m a sucker for them.

I thought it would look great layered and it was a beautiful material. I tried it on and there was only one left in my size. Yes, I may have purchased that too!

Since attending the show, I have found out that this brand is now being stocked in John Lewis. You should definitely go and have a look because the stock is really great luxury quality but at affordable prices.

I have also shot this look for the blog, so you can see exactly what I bought very soon.


The big question is, what does one wear to something like this. I almost went for my standard feminine style with my CHANEL slingbacks. I decided I wanted to be a little different this time – step out of my comfort zone.

My brother suggested that I could wear his very sought after Supreme jacket. Now, as you are reading my blog, you probably won’t be familiar with this brand because my style is very different from this, which probably means, yours is too!


I don’t really know how best to describe Supreme other than the fact it is a brand from New York that has literally gone global is now very well established in the sneaker world.

My brother will queue over night to get his hands on the latest releases, because once they’re gone, they’re gone. The re-sale price of these are incredible!

Anyway, with the Supreme jacket in mind, I spent HOURS trying to pick something that would go with it. As this isn’t my usual style, I found this so difficult and didn’t have much in my wardrobe to compliment it. It was either, making it more feminine with a pleated skirt… or street styling away with worn denim.

I decided to go with my J Brand jeans and my brothers Billionaire Boys Club striped top – finished off with Gazelle’s.

Jacket – Supreme // Jeans – J Brand // Top – Billionaire Boys Club // Shoes – Adidas

You may not like this look, I know it is so different from my usual style – but what I will say is… I have never been stopped or had so much attention paid to an outfit before! I was asked for street style photo’s, continually asked about the jacket and it felt good. So be prepared to see more of this style guys! Don’t worry if this isn’t your thing though, still plenty of the usual to come!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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