I SHOES to be Happy – PT 4 Jimmy Choo & Casadei

This is the final part of my shoe series… for now!

After you have read this, you will have seen all of my luxury collection and read what my thoughts are on the shoes and brands.

I have really enjoyed sharing my shoe collection with you – I hope you’ve enjoyed it too!

So, for the final part of the series, my newest shoes and a brand that I’ve not worn much. If you are regular readers of the blog, you may have seen my new Jimmy Choo’s. However, even if you are the most loyal follower… you probably wouldn’t have seen my Casadei’s.

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As I mentioned earlier, I recently added Jimmy to my collection. I have always loved Jimmy Choo, but was waiting for the perfect pair. You can watch more about how I found these and the amazing deal I got, here.

Recently I had heard that Jimmy Choo had lost its quality and isn’t what it used to be. I must say, although this is my first pair,  the quality is amazing and just as fabulous as my other brands. I would definitely buy from Jimmy Choo again.

KORA 100

My newest addition to the collection… *heart eye emoji’s everywhere*

After lusting over this shoe for about 6 months, I found them in the sale. They are everything I love; suede material, pretty detail, luxury and COMFY!

 I have only worn these around the house so far, so I haven’t walked any huge distance. But, so far they really comfy for a heel. I can’t wait for the nice weather to arrive, so I can take these babies for a test drive.

As soon as these come out, I will be updating this picture and really showing them off to their full potential! My photographer Zoe can always make my shoes look perfect!

I will keep you updated about these when I wear them more, they have actually gone back up to full price so I’m glad I got them when it was -2° outside.


A brand that lots of you aren’t as familiar with. When I first purchased these, everyone I told was like “who?”, however it is a huge brand and is sold globally. I have also seen this brand all over social media recently, so perhaps people are more familiar now.

I was hesitant to add this section to the blog. Mainly because they are my least worn shoes and yet the brand is really good. I feel like I’m not doing it justice. One pair is my most uncomfortable shoe because I bought them too small.

My first pair were given to me by a good friend. She has smaller feet than me, but her shoe fit me really well… probably because they had been worn in. So when I purchased my second pair, I ordered the same size… mistake!


This pair were the ones given to me. I’ve had them for a few years and they are actually comfy… although don’t look it. The lady that offered them to me had had them specially made, to make them different. So although the are patent leather, they also have a small suede strip that runs through the platform. The rounded toe makes them different to my normal style and they do dress up an outfit. I just have so many black shoes that I love, these ones tend to get forgotten about. As they were custom made, they are definitely my most expensive shoe I own, so it is a shame they aren’t used more.

Actually, if you love these and think you would get more use out of them, I am open to offers. They deserve to be strutted around by a diva!


Now this shoe is beautiful… but it is also SO painful! As I mentioned, they are half a size too small and once my feet are in I can’t take them off. If i take them off, my feet refuse to go back into them.

I recently wore them for a party and I fell in them walking down a hill, I honestly though I’d broken my ankle! This now means that I am too scared to wear them… So once again, these are going to be for sale. As pretty as they are, if I’m not wearing them, then what’s the point?

This design is no longer available, they have a mosaic style platform and are so different. The times I did wear them, they always got compliments because they do stand out.

I apologise that my Casadei pictures aren’t as good quality as the usual – I will update ASAP.

I hope you enjoyed my shoes series, which was your favourite pair?

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Love Life,

Emma xxx


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