I SHOES to be Happy – PT 3 CHANEL, TOD’S & Michael Kors

Another day without spending – Urgh, how do people do this?!

So on a brighter note, let’s talk more about my shoe collection. If you are new here – welcome. I have started a shoe series because 1. I love shoes and 2. I’m not spending any money in February (mainly to prove to myself that I can). It has been bloody hard and I can’t wait until March… but so far I have managed 22 days without buying any beauty or fashion items. Instead of me being boring in the month of Feb and having nothing new to show you, I am instead giving you peek into my shoe wardrobe.

Anyway… let’s get into Part 3 of my shoe series. If you missed my last ones, you can catch them here:

Louboutin & Brian Atwood

Manolo & GUCCI


Unless you are brand new to my blog, you will have heard all about my struggle with trying to buy a certain pair of CHANEL shoes. I did a blog and a vlog all about my experience and how hard these shoes were to get hold of.

CHANEL is just the epitome of elegance and sophistication. I love how classic and timeless their pieces are and I couldn’t wait to own my first CHANEL item.

The dream is a medium classic flap handbag, but with them jumping in price regularly, the goal seems to get further and further away. Saying this, it does make buying CHANEL an investment.


These shoes are my favourites! Here is why these shoes are my number 1.

  1. They are timeless and sophisticated
  2. The detail that has gone into making them is perfect, they are like a work of art and to me are worth every penny
  3. They were so difficult to find and I felt like they took over my life at one point but it made them even more special
  4. They are actually comfortable! All my luxury shoes have a pretty hefty heel, but not these. They are practical and I know I can wear them and not regret it 2 hours later
  5. They are suede – you know I love a suede shoe!

There is my reasons for this obsession and if you aren’t sold, just take a look at them.


Italians know how to do shoes right and TOD’S is a prime example of that. Known for their comfort and style, this is a brand that many shopaholic’s will have in their collection. TOD’S Gommino driving shoe is probably their most famous.

TOD’S isn’t the most expensive brand when it comes to luxury but they certainly do it right. I really recommend them for comfort and if you want that luxury service and quality but don’t want to spend CHANEL prices.


Next up is my Kate Middleton¬†style¬†shoe. Kate is such a fashion icon to me and I think everything she wears just summarises elegance. When she stepped out in some navy wedges, I fell in love. I loved this style and I didn’t have anything like that in my collection.

I saw these TOD’S and knew that I wanted to add them to my collection.

They are really comfortable and easy to add to any outfit to help take it from casual to smart/casual.

I can’t wait for some better weather so that I can get these beauties back out.


I can’t decide if this comes in the luxury category or not. Michael Kors can fit into the more affordable category or super expensive. I love these boots, so I am going to mention them anyway.


My first pair of heeled ankle boots are these. I picked them up in the Harrods fashion preview sale and they are so lovely. They are practical and comfortable and I have lived in them in January/February.

They were exactly what my shoe collection was missing and I’m glad I bought some shoes that I can actually wear on a day-to-day basis.

I even took these to Paris to wear in the evening, they kept my feet warm while still looking chic.

If you want to see more of these, I did an unboxing video on my channel.

Don’t worry we are nearly at the end of my luxury shoe collection, I just have CASADEI and Jimmy Choo. I hope you are enjoying the series.

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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