I SHOES to be Happy – PT 2 Manolo Blahnik & Gucci

If you missed my last blog, I have decided to do a shoe series. I want to share my ever growing shoe collection and my little story behind the shoes.

It was about time I shared my shoes with you all, you all know I’m obsessed and now I can share why!

Part one featured my Christian Louboutin collection and my good old faithfuls, click here if you missed it.

Part two is going to feature two out of my top 5, luxury shoes. I have created a video where I pick my top 5 luxury shoes and talk about them. That will be going live today – so keep your eyes peeled.


The Sex in the City shoe. If you, like me, are a self-confessed shoe whore – then you need a pair of these in your collection. Now, the iconic Manolo shoe is the Hangisi and while I adore this shoe… It is not in my collection. The reason for this, is that I want it as my wedding shoe. Obviously, if I get a pair now it will completely take the shine off the real deal on my wedding day. I know… This really is how my mind works!

So while the Hangisi is building in price as we talk, it will have to wait… I will have to wait!

I have one fellow shoe whore, who trumps my shoe game twice over. We decided to visit shoe heaven in Harrods. This is when it was really new and we couldn’t go with anyone else!

We spent FIVE HOURS in shoe heaven… I still to this day do not know how?!


These shoes are inspired by Brigitte Bardot. I mean, need I say more?

I had my eye on these suede (of course) beauties for a while, I just wasn’t sure what colour I wanted. We probably tried on all the shades, and there was a lot!

I eventually decided on the navy, but it was a tough choice where I was torn between two. Do you see a theme?

I wanted both, I couldn’t have both, that would be excessive. Excessive Emma…

I did a poll on social media and the Navy pumps won and I was pleased. They are so beautiful and elegant. These bad boys made it on to my top 5 pairs of shoes for some good reasons. You’ll have to watch the vlog for those 😉


Oops, I went back for the other colour. Not straight away though – Honest!

I had worn and loved the navy pumps so much that I decided cost per wear would make a second pair worth it. I do not regret this decision at all because these heels are so stunning and so comfortable. With jeans, skirts and dresses, these shoes just fit with everything.

So you want to know what shade I got, right? I went for my other choice, which was a gorgeous plum. I actually got them in the Savannahs sale for £308 when they are normally £440 – they have now gone up.

The great thing about the BB pump is their variety. They come in lots of different colours, different materials and even different heel heights – starting from 70mm.

I love them so much that I want a grey pair next!


I’m not going to bang on about these shoes too much because I have already written a post dedicated to them.

I feel like GUCCI have really stepped up their game lately. I am loving so many pieces by them and before these shoes, it wasn’t really a brand I was too bothered by.

When I laid eyes on these shoes, I was literally obsessed for months!


These are also probably my most photographed shoe, they are just so pretty! Although my boyfriend wouldn’t agree, calling them my King Henry VIII shoes.

What I would say about these shoes is that out of all of my collection they are my only shoe which are “seasonal”, what I mean by this is, not classic. This is more of an on-trend shoe that I quite possibly won’t be able to wear in 10 years time. All my other shoes are fairly classic.

I normally wouldn’t invest in a trend shoe but these seemed to be the exception for me and after winning a bet with my partner… These babies were coming home with me!

I have worn these shoes A LOT! They are really easy to wear and I think that because I know they are more of a seasonal shoe, I am getting as much wear out of them now as I can.

I hope you are enjoying my shoe series – stay tuned for another one on Wednesday.

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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