I SHOES to be Happy – PT 1 Louboutin & Brian Atwood

While I’m feeling miserable about not spending any money this month, I thought I would cheer myself up with my favourite things… SHOES!

I have just filmed a YouTube video about my top 5 luxury shoes. This got me all excited and so I wanted to share my whole collection. The YouTube video will go live on Sunday, so keep your eyes peeled.

I thought I would do a series, because otherwise this is gonna be one long ass blog!

The last two years have been a game changer in my shoe game and my shoe obsession has turned into LUXURY ONLY! It sounds crazy I know, but now when it comes to heels, luxury is the only way for me. I have been to the dark side and I love it too much.

Some of you may be reading this thinking I’m crazy. A lot of people tell me I’m crazy. I know it isn’t normal to have countless amounts of shoes worth more than the average… but I do.

People like to spend their money in different ways and a lot of people my age like to spend their hard earned cash on going out. Not me, I like to store up and buy one luxury item. I occasionally do a High Street haul, but most of the time I just invest in one luxury item.

Buying shoes gets me excited and saving up for “that” pair gives me a buzz. I work very hard, so why shouldn’t I spend it on something I love. Trust me I appreciate it!

When I am taking a trip to buy a pair of shoes I have been lusting after, I can’t even explain the feeling that it gives me. I have snapchatted buying shoes before and I get so many people write to me about it.

So as this is my passion and what my blog is essentially all about… I thought I would share my shoe collection with you!

If you don’t like luxury or don’t agree with spending a lot of money on shoes… then I suggest you look away now!


This is THE brand that got my addiction flowing! I think most girls at some point in their life will want a pair of Louboutin’s. This was certainly the case for me.

If you need more of a visual on these 3 pairs of Loubs, you can click here.

I love what Louboutin stands for and I love how a pair of those shoes can make you feel.

For my 22nd birthday I asked everyone for money, I had also been putting away small amounts each month. On my birthday weekend, I wanted to go to the Louboutin boutique and buy the shoes I had been dreaming of. They were even the screensaver on my phone, I found this really helped to motivate me.


My dad’s big five-oh was coming up and I had a gorgeous floor-length black sequin dress to wear. It had a slit up the side and I knew which shoes would go perfectly!

I took all my birthday money and savings, grabbed my friend and headed up. I was dressed in all my best, trying to look like I could afford these shoes and show that I was serious.

To this day, that day was one of my favourites! Lauren and I decided to make a day of it and just had so much fun. We stopped off in Costa coffee and rolled about laughing at what we were wearing. We had never felt so fancy in the day time before.

Christian Louboutin on Motcomb Street was where we went. The staff in there were so friendly and polite and immediately made us feel welcome.

I tried on a few pairs, even though I already knew what I wanted. We had the shop to ourselves, so we thought we would have some fun and the sales assistants made sure we did!


This showed that the sales assistant knew exactly what he was doing. I had tried on a slightly lower heel in the nude when I had last visited. These were now filling the void of the Lady Peep’s.

I decided to save for these on my own and so it took me about 6 months until I could get them. I wanted to take my dad with me and show him what all the fuss was about. He too loves his finer things in life, and so I knew he would appreciate it. It also meant that we went everywhere via taxi instead of tube (which is always a bonus when carrying hundreds of pounds worth of shoes).


This is my third and final pair of Louboutin’s. This time I wanted something with a lower heel that would be easy to wear. I actually bought these pre-loved from blogger Claire from iamchouquette.com. I trust her and I had bought from her before. Her sister was selling this and so I quickly bought them before she had chance to put them online.

These shoes are so elegant and much easier to wear, making them my favourite Louboutin’s to date!


I have to now talk about this man – known for his “Sex in the Heel”.

Not only are his shoes one of the most comfortable pairs I own, they are also my most worn! GO FIGURE!


In the Harrods sale 2014 I managed to find a fabulous shoe bargain. I found some Brian Atwood pony hair pumps from about £600 down to £250!!! My parents kindly bought them for me for Christmas and it was love at first sight.

These shoes are just so easy to wear, I can wear them all year round and they go with everything!

I really need to take them to be repaired as they have been worn to death.

These shoes are still in my top 5 because they are just so stunning and easy to wear. If ever in doubt, go Brian Atwood Devel’s.

I really hope you enjoyed my new series, there is plenty more to come! Which brand would you like to see next?

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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