How Darling!

Darlings, let’s start this off in true Tilbury fashion and talk about how fabulous these products are.

As you may all be aware, I am currently partaking in no spending February to prove that I can do it! I am more than a week in and doing well! No spending February means no buying fashion or beauty. I obviously pay my monthly bills and food but nothing else!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that no spending Feb is going to be very hard for me. I have an obsession with shopping and I am trying to save for a house and… well my poor boyfriend! This is my way to prove I can do it and not only am I not buying, I am also putting all the money I would usually spend on “things” into my savings. I’m hoping that in doing this I will trigger something in my head to enjoy the savings going up… Hmmm, we shall see!

Anyway, I know that you darlings follow me because you like my spending habits. So this month won’t be boring, I will talk to you about products that are still available to buy and products that I absolutely love!

Charlotte Tilbury has always been a firm favourite of mine when it comes to make-up. It is more of a luxury make-up brand, but would you expect anything else from me?

As a make-up artist I can really appreciate the ease and multi-use of a product.

As always, links are in the titles 🙂


I have spoken about the Filmstar bronze & glow many many times. It has been a firm favourite of mine for ages and it is my go-to for any age. Whether I am doing a bride or mother-of-the-bride, this product just works.

It is sophisticated and elegant and is truly glorious on the skin.

The contour provides a natural shadow when applied to the hollows of your cheeks. It not only contours the face shape, I also use it to contour the crease of my eye too! I simply sweep this onto the face in a ‘3’ shape. Coming in at the cheeks, sweeping over the temples and forehead and around the jawline to define your natural contours. The reason I love this is because it is natural but buildable.

The highlight is sumptuous! I mean, I haven’t found anything quite like it. It naturally highlights your face, warming the skin tone and enhancing those gorgeous features of yours. It isn’t a strobing highlighter and isn’t going to make your face reflect the moon… I mean come on girls, that is not a good look!

This product gets a 10/10 from me and is in my Top 10 Beauty Buys!


One of Charlotte’s lipstick ranges, obviously the matte range! This is my favourite for a few very good reasons. Number one is the packaging… I mean, it screams “Instagram me”, which is what I often do. I know packaging isn’t everything, but when you are a blogger – it really is! It has a beautifully shaped applicator, making it easy to apply and fill the lips beautifully.

Another reason I love this product is the formula. It has a gorgeous creamy texture on the lips. It isn’t drying and it lasts ALL DAY, especially if you line the lips beforehand (more of that later).

The colours in this range are stunning, every time I wear one of these shades, I get comments. They stand out and they also make my teeth look so white!

The final thing I love about this product is that it is paraben free.

Glastonberry is my absolute favourite lipstick shade in the whole wide world and please Charlotte, never discontinue it!!!


So between MAC and Charlotte Tilbury, that is my lip liners covered. I love the creamy formula and the way it sits on my lips. I use this product to define my lips but then I also colour them in.

I find that if you colour your lips in with the liner first it gives your lipstick magic staying powers! Honestly, you need to try this!

My favourite shade is Pillow Talk, Charlotte describes it as your lips but better! The shade blends in beautifully to your natural lips colour and so it just naturally enhances them and makes them appear fuller.

I always match my lip liner to my lipsticks, but Pillow Talk is so similar to your natural lip colour that I use this if I don’t have a perfect match!

These are currently my favourite Charlotte Tilbury hero products, but I am sure there will be plenty more… Just wait until February is over and I can go crazy again!!!

I would love to hear from you if you are currently using any CT products and if you have any recommendations – what am I missing?!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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