Getting Flared Up

Oh my goodness, J Brand jeans are incredible! Ok, so I have been lusting over a pair of their flares for quite some time now. Flares have definitely made a come-back this season and I loved how they looked.

I think flares will always be in and out of fashion and it is a trend that definitely isn’t for everyone, but I’m rolling with it for now.

I usually don’t agree with spending luxury prices on jeans because the High Street are doing denim so well, however as hard as I tried to find dupes… nothing compared.


Flares – J Brand (now £148) (in blue denim) // Top – Topshop // Heels – Brian Atwood // Choker – ASOS

The maria flares were on Net-a-porter and also in Harrods. So because these would be my first pair from J Brand, I decided to take a trip to my favourite place, Harrods. I had called ahead and reserved a pair but when I arrived the lady profusely apologised but they had been sent back to the warehouse as that style was stopping!

In the end I decided to try on a similar fit, so I knew what size would fit best and then I could order them from NAP. I decided that a 28 would probably fit best but now I have them I think perhaps a 27…

I spent a little too much in Harrods and so I put off ordering the jeans and decided to be rational – something I am not!

Net-a-porter emailed me a week later with news of their sale! I had to have a look (see, not rational). There were the jeans – down from £250 to £161. This always happens to me when I am trying to be good! It’s like a test of strength which I fail each time.


I hit place order and it felt good! When the jeans arrived I was not disappointed with my decision. The material, the fit, the stretch – all dreamy!

The jeans also came with a guarantee that they black will stay black, always a bonus as I hate a faded black denim. The length is long and I mean long. I would say that my legs are quite long, longer than average and yet still with heels they drag on the floor. This may put some of you off but I can’t stand it when you want to wear heels with trousers and it makes then ankle swingers! I think I will take them up slightly to avoid damaging the material but the length is a plus for me.

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t 100% sure that a size 28 was perfect. They still fit really nicely, but I think I could have got away with the 27. The reason for this is that the stretch is really good and the more I wear them, the more I think they will give a little. I am also currently trying to get fit and healthy and so if my waist and legs slim down at all I fear they may look a little loose… which is definitely not part of the desired flared look.

On the whole these jeans are the perfect addition to my wardrobe and I am really impressed with J Brand quality.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my High Street jeans, but this does prove that sometimes spending that little extra can make that difference.


I definitely see the flared style as a more smart look, sure you can make it casual but I like to dress mine up. Personally, I think partnered with iconic pointed-toe heels is the way forward. They look smashing together and I wouldn’t try anything else – why mess with match made in heaven?

As for on top, you really can go anywhere with it. I have worn these jeans a few times and gone with something different each time. As you can see, I styled this look a little more edgy than usual. I really liked rocking them with this look. All black and it is more of a thrown together messy look.

Dinner with the girls meant that I wanted to be more chic. I styled them with a long sleeved striped top and that was my favourite look!

I also think that this look would be fabulous with a black blazer. All my ideas for these jeans seem to consist of blacks, not sure why. Perhaps the black shows off how chic these jeans really are.

The jeans are super fitted at the thighs and so accentuating your figure is a must… don’t hide away!

Ohh! Almost forgot, they also give you a great butt lift!

So will you be trying the new flared style that is back in?

Love Life,

Emma xxx

Photography – Zoe Griffin



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