Eiffel in Love with Façon Jacmin

When on my recent trip to Paris, I stumbled upon the most beautiful pop-up. I was not meant to be spending any money, so I just peered from afar and then continued our travels.

The pop-up was in Montmarte and we were on our way to the Saturday art markets there. We had only been in Paris for a matter of hours and so I knew I shouldn’t spend. If you read my previous Paris post, then you will know that this trip was for Christmas gifts and just spending time with my partner. Spending on myself was not part of the plan… But I am Emma, and I wouldn’t want to let you guys down!

While in Montmartre, I couldn’t stop thinking about this gorgeous little boutique. I loved the style, I loved the interior and I needed what the lady in the shop was wearing.

We spent the afternoon in Montmartre, had a lovely time and ate some lovely food. It was time to head back and I was going to have to pass this shop again. I had mentioned it a few times to Ed and he didn’t mind popping in… even though he knows what I’m like. It must have been the spirit of Christmas!

I thought to myself, I will just try on for sizing and then I can order from them another time (after Christmas).

Top – Façon Jacmin // Skirt – Façon Jacmin // Shoes – Brian Atwood


I had to go in, it would play on my mind if I didn’t. On arrival we were greeted by twins! They both looked fabulous and sold the clothes just by wearing them!

One of them, Ségolène, spoke almost fluent English and so she started to explain the brand to us.

It was her sister who was behind the creation of the brand. Her sister, Alexandra, designed all the pieces herself and together they make a fantastic business.

Façon Jacmin was born in 2016 to create a modern wardrobe for women using mainly denim! Every piece of clothing you can think of was there… in denim. They have catered for all desires and all occasions and they have done a fantastic job in creating pieces you can feel comfortable in.

“Façon stands for manner in French; FAÇON JACMIN stands for an attitude of being and of being dressed.”

The twins bought up some Prosecco to celebrate the opening while we discussed more about the brand.

Ségolène had styled the pieces so well, that I wanted her whole outfit. The top she was wearing was like nothing else I had seen before and I loved it. So yes, I copied her exactly… Sorry!

All of the pieces had a twist on denim classics and their pieces are sure to get you noticed. No one else will be in anything like you!

I had to try the top on for size as it was quite an oversized piece. Once I had it on… I needed it.

I was very naughty and although I was going to order it online, when I checked, it was sold out!!!


Now I know it’s not easy for you all to pop to France to have a look at their collection, so the website is fantastic.

After coming home from Paris and getting Christmas out of the way, I had the skirt on my mind. I knew how elegant and classic it looked paired with the top I purchased.

When I headed online I saw it said “coming soon”. I messaged them on their Facebook page to find out how soon was soon. They got back to me immediately and were so helpful. I was told that it was back in stock and if I needed it in a rush, they would send it so I would get it the following day! Now that is service!

Not only are they super quick and efficient, the shipping and returns are also free! So this really is a win win situation. If you aren’t sure on size, I would contact them, they are so helpful and if it still isn’t quite right, you can just send it back free of charge!

I really can’t recommend this brand enough, if you do one fashion orientated thing today, please just check out their website and see for yourself.


If you still aren’t sure, just take a look at their Instagram because the way the twins style the pieces will sell it to you. I know that I never would have picked up this top, but seeing it on and styled so well I needed it! In fact it was seeing her outfit that got me in the shop in the first place.

These pieces are certainly fashion statements and so if your New Year’s Resolution was to jazz up your wardrobe more, then look no further than Façon Jacmin.

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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