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Do you remember the pink flamingo skirt? A lot of you went nuts for it! I introduced many of you to a website called chicwish, a site which I am sure you are all now aware of.

Chicwish are known for their fantastic prices and on trend pieces. I also love them because there stuff is different and I’ve never bumped into anyone wearing the same as me as there is just so much to choose from. Take a sweater for example, there are 163 to pick from!


If you are following me on social media, then you may have already had a sneak peek into this look, but it is perfect for the colder months. It is gorgeous and snuggly, but keeps you looking chic with the bell sleeves and cute ribbon ties.

I love how feminine this is and it can be dressed up or down for warmth. It’s nice and roomy, so perfect for layering, if like me you are always cold!

This jumper comes in S/M, which is recommended for UK 6-10, however because it is a slouchy fit, I would say this would fit up to a 14 depending on how you wear it.

Bell sleeves are on trend and girly, so if this is your style but perhaps this sweater isn’t for you, then have a look at their many other options. I guarantee you will find something you like.

I decided to style this casually for my day of doing nothing after the mad Christmas rush! With two weeks off work, I only had two days with no plans! I wanted something that wasn’t going to show everyone how much I’d eaten, and allow me to eat more. The jumper’s slouch fit allows me to do both white still keeping me cosy.


Chicwish is based in China and the US, so please be aware that order take slightly longer than usual to arrive. My sweater was ordered with standard delivery and took 10-12 working days. They aim to produce on trend clothing that it affordable.

When you place an order over $60 you get a bonus 30% off and their sales are incredible.

Chicwish is a company that source great quality products and then sell via their website, so nothing is branded.

I have made a few orders with them and I know lots of you purchased skirts from them after seeing my flamingo one. I have not yet heard from anyone that has been unhappy or dissatisfied from their goods… So this is why I am recommending them to you.

So if you are sick of your usual high street brands and want something a little different – perhaps give chicwish a go?

Sweater – Chicwish // Jeans – GAP

I hope your first week back hasn’t been too awful! Enjoy the weekend and I’ll catch you on Wednesday!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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