Festive Fashion

I love planning my festive outfits! We have lots of Christmas parties, Christmas drinks and my personal favourite, Christmas day!

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Top – Jigsaw (similar) // Skirt – Topshop // Shoes – Louboutin

So the party season is well and truly in full swing! Everyone is feeling festive and work parties are upon us.

For me, I always go for a little sparkle for parties. I have this Jigsaw top, which is always a firm favourite and I have a gorgeous black Needle & Thread skirt, which is sure to come out at Christmas. I have photographed my skirt for the blog before, so if you want a nose, click here.

If you’ve heard of Needle & Thread before then you will know that it has Christmas written all over it. Not heard of them before? They are known for beautifully embellished pieces that take you through all occasions.

Here are some essential party pieces:

Ballet Dress

Tulle Midi Skirt

Butterfly Shirt

Motif Playsuit

I find that Christmas parties call for playful attire. Sequins, glitz and glamour!


I class this as drinks with friends, a local bar, pub or even round their house. I tend to lean more towards trousers for this kind of event. Smart white flares, a jumpsuit or black trousers. Then you can spice things up on top! Something red or burgundy would look beautiful. I like to be more comfortable because you may be standing a lot or even sitting on the floor if it’s at someones house. Trousers can still look extremely elegant and festive.

I have some white cigarette trousers and I love to partner them with red or black for my Christmas drinks outfit. It has never failed me and always gets compliments.


This is wholly depend on the event. For us, Christmas eve is all about family fun and so the obligatory Christmas jumper is a must. Grandparents have to join in too! We have mulled wine and watch a Christmas movie eating anything over 1,000 calories. The Christmas jumper is the perfect pairing to binge eating!


Again, this event will depend on how your family celebrate the day. I know that lots of families spend their day in onesies or comfy clothes. We tend to spend the morning in out Christmas pyjama’s, we open presents in them and eat out breakfast in them. We slowly get ready for the afternoon events and then we go all out.

A dress is usually on the cards or if you’ve asked Santa for something special to wear then this is also a must. I have asked for a Club Monaco jumpsuit from my parents for Christmas, so I will layer that with a festive top for Christmas.

This time of year is my favourite and I absolutely love planning my Christmas outfits. I would love to hear about your traditions and outfits that you wear for such events.

Love Life,

Emma xxx

P.S. I had to put this photo in, Zoe managed to capture the exact moment that a poor man fell over in the middle of Covent Garden! The poor thing, but good skills ZOE!



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