£2 DRESS?!

Yes, you read that right! This is a £2.00 dress thanks for the winter bargains ands ASOS’s level scheme.

You may or may not be aware that ASOS are now doing a loyalty scheme – FINALLY, I can be appreciated!


This loyalty programme lets you earn while you shop. All you need to do it create an account and shop – Simples!

For every £1 you spend, you receive 5 points and your points turn into vouchers. For every £100 you spend, you receive a £5 ASOS voucher to redeem on your next shop.

The vouchers automatically cash into your account but it is your choice when you decide to spend them. The best thing is that unlike most loyalty programmes, these vouchers last a whole 6 months! This means you can build them up to get a really good sized voucher.

It doesn’t stop there, not only can you get vouchers but you also get level bonus’. There are currently 3 levels that you can work your way through.


400 points

Two double points days

15% off on your birthday

One FREE next day delivery

Competitions and offers from ASOS


1,000 points

All Level 1 rewards, PLUS:

Another two double points days

An extra free next day delivery

An advance warning of sales


3,000 points

Four triple points days

Three free next day deliveries

20% off on your birthday

24hr early access to sales

Competitions, exclusive offers and events


I had managed to collect £15 in points and so I decided that on one of ASOS’s 25% off sales I would spend my vouchers. This black dress had been on my wish list for a while. I loved that it was super easy and casual as I’m always reaching for easy-to-wear day dresses at the moment. No one wants to wear jeans/trousers at Christmas time when everything gets a little… tight!

The dress was only £18 originally but then there was the discount and they there was my voucher… So in the end I only actually paid for the delivery, and not even all of that!

So if you’ve ever wondered how I afford my shoes collection, loyalty programmes are my thing!

I love being treated for loyalty as, as you may have noticed I am a fairly good customer! So well done ASOS!

I’ll be back soon!

If you love this casual dress but you don’t have a voucher, you will pleased to know that it is now in the sale for £12.50, I’ve linked it below.


Dress – ASOS // Shoes – Gucci // Bag – Mulberry // Coat – ASOS

I dressed the outfit up with my Gucci pumps, a big wool coat and my trusty Mulberry. If you style luxurious accessories with high street clothing, I think the whole look looks automatically more expensive!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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