I may have spent a little bit of money shopping in London this week. I visited Covent Garden because I was doing a photoshoot for the blog with my lovely photographer. After we finished up shooting I obviously needed to shop.

I had forgotten to take a christmas red lipstick for one of my outfit changes! As a result, I decided to head to the Charlotte Tilbury boutique to pick up a new colour. However, I came out with something completely different – Obviously!

After swatching a range of colours on the back of our hands, I decided Liv’ it up was the colour for me. Liv’ it up is from Charlotte’s hot lips collection based on her favourite glam girls.

I also picked up the famous lip cheat liner in shade “Pillow Talk”, this colour is great for accentuating your natural lip line, matching to your lip colour.


Charlotte Tilbury is the ultimate luxury make-up brand. The packaging is incredible and everything about her products just feel special. I thought I would share this post slightly earlier than planned because if you are struggling for gift ideas, this is a fabulous  one.

Charlotte Tilbury is now offering complimentary engraving on products bought in the lead up to Christmas! This makes that present even more special and personal. Guys and girls, this will definitely be a winner!

Click here to explore the different gifting options. Tilbury’s products are always winners and they come from as little as £15.

Finally, if you want to see what else I picked up in London, then you can head over to my YouTube channel to see my latest shopping trip and me getting BLOG READY.

Love Life,

Emma xxx

Photographer: Zoe Griffin


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