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You may have been slightly worried about me due to the lack of Black Friday chat… Fear not, I’m back!

I’m sure you are well aware that I spent too much money on a pair of CHANEL shoes. And so Black Friday came at bad timing for me. I had to be controlled, and you probably are well aware by now that my shopping control level is zero!

On Black Friday I had 157 unread emails, calling for me. Somehow, I managed┬áto ignore all the temptation that they would contain, and I was proud of myself. I had managed to spend the whole Friday – OFFLINE.

On the Saturday I worked, and I kept myself busy on the Sunday… I really had done well – for me. If you followed my old blog then last year you may have read why I avoided them this year. I purchased two coats, a camera, a jumper a beauty advent calendar and some new black boots. I saved a great deal… but I also got carried away!


So as I mentioned, it was all going so well…

My best friend needed christmas party advice and we went into town to get her a party dress. Completely forgetting that the sales were still very much in full swing I thought window shopping would be easy.

We headed straight to House of Fraser, I knew there would be lots of choice all under one roof for my friend and I knew I would be safe here. Unfortunately, this is when I noticed that 25% off was still in place and it was made worse by the fact it was last day and last chance!

I turned to my “friend” and said that I absolutely can not send any money. She was not a good friend because the moment I stepped inside Whistles… there was a problem.



I tried on a few tops, what’s the harm in that I thought. Then I checked online and saw they were sold out online… Oh no, I can’t wait until next month because it will be sold out. My shopping brain kicked in… “If I just buy the top now, I will actually save money because there is 25% off.” I went to show my friend, hoping that she would persuade me that it isn’t that nice on and I didn’t need it.

However, the moment I stepped out she squealed out that she loved it and it suited me and Paris so beautifully! Oh No! No, Emma, don’t do it. Have some self-control and put the top back on the shop floor for someone else to enjoy.

Shopping Emma was well on her way to the till by this point, with a big grin on her face. I was here to shop for my friend and I am now shopping. The downward spiral has started and this is pretty much my addiction summed up!

When I got home, shopping Emma had been released. I remembered that I had an ASOS voucher and they currently had 20% off. I had a dress in my wish list pile and so I decided today was the day I would take the plunge.

You will see all these pieces soon enough, so keep your eyes peeled.

I would love to hear about what goodies you picked up in the sales!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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