Have you herd about Cowshed Spa?


Oh boy do I have a treat for you! I recently visited Cowshed Spa at Shoreditch House and I want to tell you all about it.

Obviously the only reason I visited Cowshed Spa was so that I could tell you all about it… Corr, the things I do for you lot!

On a serious note, I had heard a lot about this place and you know I love a pamper and all things luxurious, so I had to give it a go.

I needed to catch up with a friend and I thought… what better place to catch up! We both needed a little pampering and I wanted a treatment that meant we could catch up. We decided that a pedicure was exactly what we were after.


There are 14 Cowshed Spa’s currently around the world and if you live in England then we are lucky enough to have 8 of those!

“Inspired by our original Cowshed Spa at Babington House in Somerset, you won’t find any whale music or clanging cymbals – instead, we prefer a more home from home sociable vibe, where you can relax and unwind with friends and make new ones too.

Offering a full range of treatments from manicures and pedicures, facials and body massage to cellulite busting scrubs or our popular Cowgroom (where two therapists work together for the ultimate pampering experience), our spas are the perfect place to go for an indulgent and rejuvenating experience.

Once you’ve chosen your treatments, you can whizz in and out if you’re on a tight schedule, or you can simply hang out and relax with a pot of tea, a slice of delicious cake and a magazine for as long as you like.”

We visited on a Saturday and the place was buzzing. If you are wanting to visit the Spa then I recommend booking in advance and they have made it simple with their online booking system.

Simply click here to view prices and treatments and get yourself booked in.


On arrival we soon realised that the pedicure was the right choice. With the modern couch-like chairs and Sex and the City movie on each TV screen, I felt at home instantly.


We took a seat as we were early and started sifting through the colours. We had some consultation forms to fill out and there was some lemon and lime infused water to sip on.


The only negative I have about this whole experience was that you had to pay if you wanted to drink anything but the water! I understand the champagne a little more but TEA! I’m paying £55 for a pedicure and I, as a beauty therapist think it is absolutely outrageous that you should have to pay extra for a cup of tea!

We were called over to our comfy arm chairs where they laid a – what I can only describe as – pregnancy pillow on our laps. This was a nice touch and made the experience extra warm and cosy!

I was asked if I wanted headphones to watch the movie and if I had any specific treatment needs. Then onto the treatment…

The Pedicure


The pedicure was bliss! I felt so relaxed and felt that I could chat away with my friend knowing that it wasn’t a problem.

The pedicure included cuticle work, file, exfoliation, hard skin removal, massage and paint. The treatment lasts for one hour but you can pay for extra, which included a head and shoulder massage. We were rather envious watching the lady next to us get one of those!

My feet felt gorgeously soft and I decided to take inspiration from the foot models at Net-A-Porter and go Mauve. Mauve is one of my favourite colours at the moment!


After the treatment I felt completely relaxed and pampered. I will admit that it felt nice to be on the receiving end for once!

We took a seat in the waiting area while we waited for our toes to dry. Both of us had refused to pack flip-flops as it was so bloody cold!

After waiting they came over and soaked our nails in oil and wrapped them in cling film to prevent any smudging to the polish. Another nice touch I thought!

All in all, I would highly recommend giving this a go for that indulgent treat. We all deserve it at this time of year and you could even treat a friend for Christmas! It’s the perfect gift and the whole process felt luxurious from start to finish.

All the spa’s look sumptuous but if you want to visit Shoreditch House like us, then you can click here.

Love Life,

Emma xxx



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