If you follow me on social media, then you will already know that I managed to finally get my hands on the CHANEL shoes. It has been a long wait, but finally they’re mine!

I’m a sucker for luxury purchases but when I first saw these shoes I wasn’t won over. I thought they looked a little grandma like and they soon became known as the “grandma shoe” on the internet. Slowly, slowly… everyone was loving this shoe, including me. I started to look into them online and I saw them for the elegant classics they were.

You may have caught my previous blog on my hunt for these shoes and some problems I faced. If you didn’t you can read it here.


So I have been wanting to make a youtube video for a while now but it has scared me a little. After making excuses about lighting and my backdrop and wanting to wait until I got my own house, so that I could create my own space for it… I just went for it.

Soon I realised that your first video is never going to be perfect, just go and look at some of the best youtuber’s first! In fact, a lot of their first have been deleted.

As this was an exciting time for me, I decided that my first youtube video, would be the unboxing. After all, this was a purchase that was very special to me. I knew that once I started talking about the product, I wouldn’t stop. I actually managed to do the whole video in one take and although it is definitely not perfect… AND cringe! I am proud of it.

I managed to work youtube on my own and although it was very frustrating at times, I did it.

If you want to watch my CHANEL unboxing, then please click here.



I finally managed to get hold of these beauties from the boutique on Sloane Avenue. I called, as usual, at 10am and had a feeling that today could be my lucky day. Ela was the sales assistant I dealt with and she told me they had just had a delivery and went to check my size. ONE pair of 37’s had come in and they were suede!!!

Suede is the material I have been lusting after the most, even though the leather is more practical… I know! Every time that I mentioned the suede, people pretty much laughed in my face. It’s hard enough to get the leather, the suede was a different ball game. When Ela asked, would the suede be OK… I was like, YES!!!

Sorry for the millions of exclamations marks in this blog guys, I get over excited just re-living the moment.

Monday’s are my day off and I generally use it to write up all my blogs, but this Monday, I was racing up to CHANEL to pick up my babies. Ela had reserved them until 4:30 but I didn’t want to take any chances, so I was there within the hour! Desperate, I know…

The new boutique was so modern, almost like a gallery of CHANEL. I started browsing the endless rails of elegance and dreaming up this wonder world.

There was a couple deciding whether or not to spend thousands on a new CHANEL necklace and to my shock, the husband was having to talk the wife into it!

Once Ela had finished helping the other shopper she went to fetch the shoes for me. She was really friendly and helpful and made me feel very welcome. This time, I received fabulous service.



The shoes fit like a dream, I had dressed up in an outfit that would look perfect with them and I fell in love instantly. The detail and design of this shoes is one of the best of all my luxury purchases.

I hopped and skipped around the boutique not actually believing that they were mine. I quickly said yes, and Ela took them away to be wrapped. CHANEL really know how to do it well when it comes to presentation. Although I was slightly sad that I had missed the Christmas wrapping by one day.

The details: As I mentioned earlier, the details on this shoe is spectacular. The suede is beautiful with a satin toe. The famous C’s are pressed into the heel and the material on the soles are so soft that you are frightened to ruin them. I don’t think me describing them will do them the justice they deserve, so here is a video.

I have also taken some up close photo’s for you to admire and appreciate.


Oh also, I would really appreciate it if you would add to my 2 youtube subscribers – pretty please 🙂


Love Life,

Emma xxx




  1. 1st December 2016 / 5:05 pm

    Oh my gosh, they’re incredible! Congrats for the timeless purchase, enjoy them as much as you can, dear.

    I ordered a pair of lookalikes from Choies and I am expecting the package with such impatience like I would be expecting the real deal. I want them so bad!

    Daiana from

    • Emma
      1st December 2016 / 6:06 pm

      Daiana, you will love them! They are such beauties! Can’t wait to see them! I’ve seen some pretty amazing dupes!
      Enjoy xxx

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