Christmas Wishlist – 2016


Is it too early to start talking about Christmas? Well I ask you this: is the John Lewis advert out? Has I’m a celebrity started? Is there christmas music playing in shops? YES, YES, YES – It’s time!

Christmas is hands down my favourite time of year and the main reason for this is the family time. Everyone is off work together for three whole days (at least) and we all make a special effort to get together!

Generally Christmas is just such a happy time and everyone celebrates and comes together for festive fun.

As much as receiving a gift is lovely, I actually really enjoy gifting for other people. I love doing it all in one day, I pre-plan my christmas list and leave it until it is really festive in the shops! I tend to have some mince pies and champagne as I shop and then I get giddy about getting gorgeous gifts that I know someone will love! Oh… and Christmas wrapping… dreamy!

My family find it extremely hard to buy for me, I don’t know why 😉 . I’m normally that annoying person that knows exactly what I would like and if people ask me, I always know. Unlike my partner who never knows what he wants… or perhaps he is just much more polite than me?!

Personally, I prefer someone to tell me what they like, that way you know they will love it. It’s a controversial topic and so I’m just going to hop straight into what I am lusting over this Christmas.

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year…

CHANEL No5 L’Eau perfume – This is the new one and smells incredible, you need to go and give it a whiff!

ZOEVA brush set – These brushes are a fantastic gift for under £100. They look really luxurious and you get 12 brushes and a bag. I have tried and tested these and I can’t recommend them enough. This is the eye shadow brush set, but they also do a face set.

ASOS swing dress – This dress is super easy to dress up or down and it lovely and floaty with my favourite feature… a turtleneck!

JAXKS Kelly blouse – This is a new brand to the UK and it has some gorgeous and unusual pieces. I have been looking for a shirt in this style for sooooo long.

Club Monaco jumpsuit – A gorgeous jumpsuit that will be fabulous for layering. I love this because I think it is a staple wardrobe piece that you can wear in so many ways. One item with lots of different style outcomes!

Desenio Poster – An amazing website with a wide variety of gorgeous prints… this one is one of my favourites

M&S Pyjama’s – because every Christmas wish list needs some good old PJ’s!

Thank you very much Mr Claus… see you in a month!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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