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ml3f9811I have been in a battle of the CHANEL’s recently. I have become obsessed, it is ruling my life. Yes, I do know how ridiculous I sound in the grand scheme of things.

There is so many problems in this world and things to worry about… Trump being elected as president as one! Well, the fact CHANEL is my biggest problem, shows that life must be good for me at the moment – and I’m thankful for that!

In a world that is filled with negative fronts of newspapers and TV headlines, this is just a step away from it all for a bit of lighthearted fashion problems!

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Jumper – HUSH // Body – Wolford // Jeans – GAP // Boots – Carlvela // Handbag – LK Bennett

Without further ado, lets proceed:

So, why is it, when something in life is hard to get hold of… we want it more. In the fashion world, items come and go all the time. Novelty wears off on occasion or things remain desirable for eternity.

Normally I don’t let myself get too caught up in this kind of thing. Actually, that is a lie, perhaps I have always wanted what’s hard to get… in many forms. At school I would always fancy the guy that would be most out of my league or someone that I knew was not interested. I liked the chase, but when it came to men, once the chase was over… generally, so was I (this is not the case with shoes). The reason I’m with my current boyfriend is probably due to me chasing for about a year before!!!

I digress, CHANEL!

CHANEL is known for its classic pieces and CHANEL will always be an investment. If you are going to invest in luxury items then I would definitely recommend doing it in the name of CHANEL. It is desirable and the products are always sought after.




Taken from Pinterest

I have been after the CHANEL nude & black slingbacks for about 6 months now. In that time the price has already increased on more than one occasion! This is a great example of why it is in investment!

It started with a few phone calls here and there checking the availability. Then in Harrods, he told me they were expected in November. Since November I would say CHANEL has started to consume my mornings! New Bond Street (NBS) is there flagship store and so they are normally your best bet… however I now have all the London stores neatly stored in my iPhone. Each morning at 10am I call to check if “those shoes” are in yet.

When I eventually get my hands on them it will be a real triumph!

Each day I am usually told no… but on Monday they had a small delivery. I phoned NBS at 10am and she checked to see if they had my size. Unfortunately they didn’t, so I asked for half a size bigger because perhaps they would fit? Still no…

I was due in London anyway because I was shooting with the lovely Zoe for the blog. I was also meeting a friend that I actually met via the blog! We have a lot in common and we started chatting about all things luxury. Her name is Jess and she works for Louis Vuitton, she is so sweet and we decided to meet after the shoot. My partner was rather worried I was being cat-fished – HAHA! I would say it was very hard to catfish on SNAPCHAT!

Luckily, Jess was real and our similarities didn’t just stop at appreciating luxury… it turned out she went to the same school as me – What are the chances!


We went on our search for CHANEL, Jess is used to this because she too has been in search for CHANEL! I know that CHANEL said they didn’t have any shoes in my size, but I wanted to pop in regardless, to try some on. I know I am normally a 37.5 in luxury shoes but I have never tried CHANEL shoes before.

We strolled in and headed up the stunning white staircase, everything was so beautiful! To my surprise… there was the slingback on display. Jess had spotted them and was excitedly nudging me towards them. I picked them up to see that they were a 38!!!


I had phoned only that morning (when all deliveries arrive at CHANEL) and she told me that they didn’t have any. Sure enough, the 38’s were too big and I did need the 37.5 but I felt really frustrated that they had lied. To make matters worse, I asked the SA if she could call the other boutiques and see if they had my size. The SA disappeared off and then said she couldn’t call as the system was down…? I mean, you don’t need a system to call Selfridge’s, surely?! She gave me a list of numbers, so I was left to do it myself.

As I sat on the stunning sofa, doing what I believed was their job, I looked around. I had 6 sales associates around me, just standing around, I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t do this for me. After all, I am the customer and this is suppose to be luxury shopping.

I work in a shoe shop myself and even though the boutique I work in is much smaller, I will always go out of my way to help our customers, they are the reason we have the job?!

I don’t know where to take it from here because how will I know if next time they say no… it really means no. To be fair, it may just have been a one off and the other boutiques might not have done this, but it has tainted it a little for me… am I not good enough to own a pair of these shoes?

All that said, I am still on the hunt and I am still obsessed with CHANEL. I’m hoping it was just a bad day at the office – we all have them!

Love Life,


Photography: Zoe Griffin



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