The lash combo that has everyone talking


This is it guys, the lash combo that has got everyone talking! I have stolen this combination from blogger/vlogger Lydia Millen and it has worked for me.

Not only does this lash combo work, it is also from the High Street. You know how much I love my luxury beauty products but when someone swears by something, you just have to give it a go!

If you have followed me for a while, you will know that I love my CHANEL mascara. This new combination has made my CHANEL take a back seat, for a while at least.




Coats lashes individually and doesn’t clump

Soft, high-tech brush

Easy to remove


£9.99 per mascara

Delivers a high definition lash

Thickens and coats lashes incredibly

Use oil-based remover to remove easily

The first massive difference is obviously the price. CHANEL costs £25 and my combination from L’Oreal is £9.99 each. So two mascara’s for less than one CHANEL mascara.

Next is the way it is applied, the CHANEL goes on lashes beautifully. It individually coats each lash and gives a natural, elegant finish. The L’Oreal combination is anything but natural. If you want that full lash effect that everyone notices, then this is for you.

You layer the two mascara’s in the L’Oreal option, which means it is more difficult to remove than the CHANEL. I would recommend oil-based eye make-up remover to avoid pulling on and damaging your lashes.

Don’t get me wrong, I still adore my CHANEL mascara but for an affordable alternative, L’Oreal have nailed it. You can obviously wear just one of the two L’Oreal mascara’s but it is when you combine them that you really notice the difference.


OK, so you all probably just want me to get on with this part. The two mascara’s that I have been talking about are the False Lash Sculpt & Volume Million So Couture.

Volume Million helps to thicken and coat your lashes without clumping, leaving your lashes looking thick and bold. The False Lash Sculpt is when it takes it up a gear. It fans out your lashes and due to the brush shape, it gets nice and tight to the lash line defining every inch of lash. Your lashes appear much longer with this coat and it gives a more dramatic appearance. This coat doesn’t suddenly clump lashes and still keeps them feeling natural.


First, apply Volume Million to lashes as normal. When I say as normal, I apply this brushing down my lashes first and then underneath after. I do top and bottom lashes with this mascara and while it is still wet I do a second coat ensuring that the whole lash line is covered.

I instantly put False Lash over the top, not giving it time to dry. If you let it dry, you get that hard lash feeling, which I personally don’t like. The brush on the False Lash is incredible and makes it really easy to get right underneath your lashes. You will instantly notice the difference as your lashes start to fan out and dramatically lengthen!

I don’t use eyelash curlers because I am quite lucky and have a natural curl. If you find that your lashes are naturally quite straight, then I would recommend using lash curlers at the beginning before applying any product.

I would definitely suggest this combination for a more dramatic look and perhaps not for your day-to-day look, unless you like that plumped up lash daily… like I do!

Let me know if you try this combination and what you think of it. I have really loved it and it has fantastic staying power on my lashes, so I would love to hear if it’s the same for you.

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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