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ml3f5854If you saw my previous blog post, you will have seen I worked with the talented Zoe Griffin. Zoe is a photographer and she is absolutely lovely (highly recommend her if you are a blogger), she contacted me a few days later to see if I was interested in shooting for a new bobble hat company. Zoe had been approached by them and they wanted some bloggers to help showcase the hats.


The company is called British Bobble Co. and they launched on Friday!

Zoe and I met on a very cold Thursday in Primrose Hill, the cold definitely suited the hats though. I got to really put them to the test and they were so cosy! Primrose Hill was back to my roots for me, the green scenic background like those in Surrey.


Hat – British Bobble Co // Coat – Oasis (similar) // Top – Club Monaco // Jeans – Great Plains // Boots – Dune

If I am being honest, I was slightly concerned about modelling the hats because I haven’t worn one in so long. I have quite a small, round head and so I tend to stay clear of winter hats. I was surprised how much I actually loved the look!

These hats come in several colours and I was lucky enough to try all of them. For my outfit, I decided to keep it really simple with black and white. I threw on my comfy Dune boots and cosy Oasis coat that you have all seen a million times before.

While standing on the top on Primrose Hill, I felt extremely grateful for the bobble hat. I decided to keep my hat on long after the shoot had finished and I got some lovely compliments on my commute home.



I love how versatile this hat is because you can chill the look out with jeans and a jumper or I can picture it perfectly with an ice skater look. A little mini skirt, warm black tights and a turtle neck! One of my friends just purchased one, ready to hit the slopes this winter.

The pom pom can be removed to make it easy to wash, which I think is a great idea – especially if you get the cream one. I also think that this hat would make a great stocking filler!

The fact that the hat comes in many colours means that you will find one to match your skin tone / hair colour.













The hats are £19.99, which I think is a fantastic price for the quality of hat.

To have a look at the collection or buy one of these hats, just click the link:

Lets get winter ready!

Love Life,

Emma xxx

Photographer: Zoe Griffin

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